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  1. I'd blow you off any stage there is, and there goes another ******** telling me what to do, as if I would ever do it..... LMAO.........& **** YOU FZ....I posted that picture because I thought some of you shitheads might realize the picture was taken at a PARTY, not a frikkin CONCERT (It looks obvious to me anyway, I mean c'mon...WTF? U guys are beyond idiots) and that at the time that picture was taken the guy on the right had not been in the STONES for over 12 years and had not been on a stage with any of the STONES in 15 years.....BUT, then I realized you shitheads are not intelliget en
  2. I will actually apologize to you Scales, for bein' so lame.
  3. Check out BUCKEWHEAT on the TEE SHIRT, and the HEADSTOCK too...?
  4. BRO? YOLO ? LOL....that was an intelligent post, nothin "retarding" about it..........I'm just stickin up for myself..... Unlike others, yourself included(Tellin me to STFU, WHO ARE YOU ?), I did not tell anyone what to do in any of the posts I put up in this thread that I started. People don't like it much when they realize other's, like me, do not accept being pushed around, told what to do and insulted. They can dish it but they can't take it. https://farm5.static...d7ff1a235_k.jpg and BTW how many more times do you really think I will be posting anything here in these forums? wh
  5. I have no problem with you, I KNOW THAT.
  6. I will bet that you have never met PIPPY/PUPPY/MARY. That you do not even know what PIPPY/MARY/PUPPY looks like or that you do not even realize that anyone that has his Password and user ID could be posting on this site under his name.When you 'ALL OF A SUDDEN' realize these obvious facts, you will also realize (unless you are indeed dumber than a ****in ROCK, and I am not ruling that out because of the fact that I had to even say this...) that your statement about PIPPY/PUPPY/MARY has absolutely no basis in any sort of factual context that you may care to attempt to wrap your questionably si
  7. IDK what it is with you,WHAT ? this is between me and "MARY"....
  8. Think your COOL "MARY"? Well, you little Girl..you do not know a single thing about Me other than I taught you that the 1968 Les Paul STANDARD exists, was manufactured by the GIBSON GUITAR CO. that very year....I have a place in London, wanna have lunch? Just ME and YOU, THATS IT, ME and YOU....AND I promise that I will teach you to never forget what I taught you.....and I will not need any help....
  9. I had nothing to do with it BILL. You do not know anything about me, or what 'TYPE' I AM. You might think you do, BUT YOU DO NOT.
  10. I think he is a "MARY", an arrogant non-entity that can not admit he was wrong, the Guitar exists....SO **** YOU TOO.
  11. YES, I PROVED IT YOU LITTLE TURD, the 1968 GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD EXISTS! I posted pictures especially for your dimb a$$
  12. YES, I PROVED IT YOU LITTLE TURD, the 1968 GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD EXISTS! I posted pictures especially for your dumb a$
  13. Act justified, go ahead and your opine of me, PPFFFF.........and sit here and act like a Man and TALK about drinking Whiskey. FACTS: You are a MARY, and You are the 'IDIOT' that did not know what she was talking about and you are A lightweight and could drink a fifth of hard lemonade, never mind whiskey. This would not have happened in the street because you could only act like this behind a key-board. IF you were a Man, you would have admitted you were wrong, and that would have been the end of it, ten pages ago. BUT NO, you did what you did, like the ***** YOU NO DOUBT ARE. Think these peopl
  14. PPPFFFF....... I got your Super-Hero......too bad I cant hand it to you in person huh? .....funny you call him MARY too.......the silly little ****.
  15. Nah, your too kind, maybe this one.... https://farm5.static...978745db7_k.jpg if you click on it, its Pat Travers playin a 'Black-Beauty' about 2 months ago......I tried to get the picture to post inside the window here but FFS it just would not do it.....this is the only website I have ever had this problem on.....and its definitely Pat Travers during the encore. I figured I'd post one with his axe too...IDK for sure, I did not ask him, BUT I dont think its a '68 LP Standard, DUH ! I have really good shot of the other guy in this thread, Georgie T....cant find it at the mome
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