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  1. I have had some time to sand down the body a bit with some 80 grit sand paper, I'm gonna move on to 220 grit later on when I have the time. I'm thinking about a cherry red finish, something similar to George Harrison's "Lucy", but more of a low-end crappy replica of it. Any ideas on how to treat the wood before throwing on some paint? I'm doing my research but I wanna hear what you guys think. Plus I'm really new at this, I wanna learn from my mistakes. Pretty fun project overall, despite all the stress I went through earlier.
  2. I do like the idea of just completely sanding the body. Although this sounds like a long shot, I thought about experimenting some more. Would it be a good idea to place a plywood cap on top of the body?
  3. Last week I decided to experiment with my Les Paul, which is about 10 years old now. I was getting a bit tired of the cherry sunburst finish and I thought it'd be a good idea to refinish it. So I did a bit of research, and when I started, I used paint stripper to remove the paint, which was completely ineffective. I moved on to a heat gun, which gave me even more problems. It damaged the veneer (I'm assuming) which forced me to completely scrape off the top and sides. The back side still has what I believe is the veneer as well. Regardless, the body is now in completely bad shape. I even chipped off a small piece of wood. I didn't even bother finishing the neck. So my question now, is it too late do anything to it? Is there anyway I could possibly add a veneer or a maple top? Should I just go to a luthier? I have no experience, but I want to learn from my mistakes. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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