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  1. It all good fellas... You guys have corroborated pretty much what my dad thought (or close)...but were able to fill in the blanks he couldn't. I mentioned in the initial post that I've had two Les Pauls (one studio and one Traditional Pro II). I ended up selling both because of the fatter necks. I just felt like playing them was a constant wrestling match. My Tele and Strat never put up a fight like that. This neck on the 335 is very playable for me. I'm really digging it! Now, I get to take it to my guitar guy to have him set it up and let him drool a bit :) Edit: what would the prevailing thoughts be in terms of insuring this? I'm guessing a separate rider on my homeowners policy? Value?
  2. Thanks all so much for your help. And the neck IS great! Being used to Fenders, this is much more "playable" for me. I used it for the first time in practice last night...holy cow..the pickups are insane. They growl ( even for worship music)!
  3. Somewhat of an intro...been playing for a number of years. Mostly Fender (American Strat and Tele)...I've wrestled with 2 Les Pauls over the years but have sold them. My dad just gave me his dot ES-335TD. This was purchased new after his first year of college. He is convinced that was in 59-60. From what I can tell and have been able to research, I'm thinking more like 60-61 (prob 61?). He is the only owner until just two days ago, he wanted me to have or because it's just been under his bed in the original Lifton case all of these years. I play for our church worship band and he wanted me to have it. I do have memories of this guitar from when I was a very little kid (I'm 50 now)...so I am extremely jazzed about this. I emailed some pics to Gibson in hopes they could help, but haven't heard back yet, so I thought I'd ask you guys (and input from Gibson folks too). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!!
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