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  1. Thanks for the reply michael. I just strung this thing up monday. 10's I checked it after but do guitars like to sit for a day or two after relieving the tension then stringing it back up? I would think the guitar likes a few day to get used to new strings and for the tension to set. In my first few lessons 30 years ago i was taught to remove each string and replace it then off to the next string. So one at a time. But I usually take em all off and clean the fret board then string it up. You guys recommend one string at a time when changing them?
  2. Hey guys and girls I have a concern regarding the les paul studio model. I recently began clamping a capo on the guitar and am struggling to maintain a good tuning during the strumming process. I almost just gave up and said capos are for acoustics but I refused to accept that. I have 10 gauge strings and the issue is the low E. All the other strings are fine after the capo is set but the low E I clamped this on the 3rd fret and am wondering if the guitar intonates better with 9's or 8's. This I'm referring to the low E string primarily. the notes can get a bit # and I was wondering if it's because of the gauge strings I can't go back any further with the saddle piece if that's what you suggest. The first few frets are always a microtone too #. If I switched to 9's this has a thinner low E. The 10's have a 46 gauge string and the 9's have a 42 gauge string. will changing to the 42 gauge string flatten the fretted note out a bit? and what would raising the bridge up a bit flatten the first few notes at the first few frets at the low E.
  3. Well the stereo out from the tracking device is 200ohms. Having said that you can run that into any stereo input On most stereo amps to power a set of speakers. I didnt get powered monitors because I already have floor speakers. The one thing I take into account is the impedance of the speakers to the output of the stereo amp. Most stereo amps will give you info regarding how many ohms you should go out to. This I would advise to check because if its rated at 8ohms and you go out to 4ohm speakers you could melt the internal related circuits on the amp.
  4. Honestly I dont think a 12 year old can handle a LP anyway! I would say your corrupting the kids mind with that. Maybe try an Epi or something for a few years. If he actually gets somewhere on that then get a LP
  5. There is a slot with a fitting that allows for a lock on these cases so I just figured gibson sold locks too.
  6. Well soundcheck not being able to get in locked out sounds like you dodnt have a back up guitar. At the same note the output jack or pickup couldve decided to malfunction. Kids this is why you should consider back up equipment A lock allows you to also lock up your wrench set, extra strings, extra strap and stuff in the case compartment when you have the guitar out.
  7. The Les Paul I bought back in 2011 Locking it up in the case
  8. Id like to get a lock to lock it up but would like a Gibson lock. If I cant find a Gibson brand lock whats the next best choice?
  9. The samson monitors have pre-amps i take it?
  10. So last tascam got ripped off or something i may have owed some money icr. Just got the tscam 24. My question to all the other guys is what are you running the sound out to? Obviously its not a power amp too.
  11. Spray it right on? Could it damage the electronic pickups? You spray it on the cloth first?
  12. Whats the best "home made" mixture for cleaning the guitar? Links? Also has any other members here got a good homegrown recipe for string cleaner to extend string life? I guess I could buy the cleaning products on the market too. Any good cleaner?
  13. Also i heard Angus and Malcom were Black Sabbath fans. Are Iommi's SG and Young's SG made in England? I heard they are both made by the same builder? I heard he had the Sg from "Blow Up Your Video" out on tour last year! AC/DC ****in rocks! Will miss Malcom!
  14. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/5190-gibson-teams-with-arlen-roth-for-original-online-lessonsfree-on-gibsoncom/page__pid__56479#entry56479
  15. Ive heard Arlen Roth say Neil Young sucks but Neil has outsold Arlen Roth by millions. Neil mustve been doing something amazing. Maybe had some more unique chord voicings than your average player. Neil Young in my opinion was good quality music!
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