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  1. I love it! It's an amazing guitar, and we bond more and more every day. It's truly a pleasure to own and puts a smile my face every time I pick it up. Everyone of my buddies that has played it is amazed by the tone and has stated it's the best guitar they've ever had the pleasure of playing. I've had it just over a year, and the sound has refined with more play. I really love the Martin Retro Monels on mine. I have no complaints about the thin finish. I actually dig it a lot. I've always been more of a fan of satin finish guitars than gloss, and this one seems to give me a good middle ground between the two. I'm primarily a bedroom player, but occasionally take it to jam with buddies. It's been knocked and bumped, but it is no more worse for the wear. I'm a somewhat heavy handed strummer, and it has a few pick marks, but nothing that has broke through the finish. Here's my NGD post with pics and the interesting backstory. Gibson went above and beyond with my situation and made me a die hard Gibson fan for life.
  2. 🤤 I wish this was in the cards right now! Been wanting one of these for years. Thanks for sharing the link, Sal. I rarely make it over to UMGF.
  3. I love the fire stripe pick guard on yours. I wanted one on my J45 Vintage and asked Gibson Montana about removing the stock one. They strongly recommended not trying to remove it due to the thin finish.
  4. I love the fact that your soundboard is your pick holder!
  5. I used keep mine in D standard tuning and used the Laurence Juber Retros for a several years. This year I moved to MM13's and love them. They are the perfect tension for my tuning preference. If you want a little more oomph you guys might try the MLJ13's. They provide a tension of 175.45 versus the MM12's that are 162.91.
  6. I had a similar case and used peel and stick felt from the craft store.
  7. Congratulations. That is a fantastic sounding guitar. I'm sure it will bring you many years of happiness. I wouldn't worry about the scratch at all. Real life mojo. I love the Retros on my J45 Vintage and the other two mahogany Gibson slopes I've owned. In my experience they take some good play-in to break in and sound their best. I have a ToneRite that I use specifically for accelerating the break-in after a string change.
  8. My nickname in HS was Gumby. One of the guys on the baseball team named me that because he said I ran like Gumby. Funny thing was I was still faster than most 😉 When I played my first fantasy league baseball season in 1994, I was a big fan of the movie The Sandlot. The Great Bambino is a central figure of the movie, so I combined the two for my team name = TheGreatGumbinos.
  9. Got to briefly play with the T1 mixer. Setting up the Beta 57a and the e935 with proper gain staging made a world of difference in the volume and sound quality of the setup. Very excited to play with this setup some more.
  10. I'm still on the fence about a pickup vs mic'd. I keep going back and forth. There are benefits and draw backs to both. I ordered a used Bose T1 mixer that will be here tomorrow. Looking forward to trying to plug the Beta SM57a into the T1 to get some additional volume on the mic.
  11. Reverb. Never mind. Thanks for sharing a peak into your setup, Jinder.
  12. Thanks for the info, Jinder. I actually started out thinking I was going to get a Sunrise, but I read about problems with magnetic pickups with Monel strings (can't find it now). I am stuck on Martin Retros and this persuaded me to look elsewhere. I'm assuming your Sunrise installs are run internally through the endpin and not with the cable run externally? I was drawn to them for the external option initially since I could get away with not drilling the endpin. Seems like it could be problematic if someone stepped on the cable and pulled the guitar over or damaged the wiring. The removability is a plus so I could use it on future guitars and be able to play the J45V acoustically without the added weight. Anyone have first hand experience with using the Sunrise p/u and Monel strings?
  13. 1) I originally investigated the Sunrise pickup, but decided against this route. 2) I have ruled out a K&K for a couple reasons. 3) I can foresee myself getting a ToneDexter at some point. Don't think I'll buy an Edwina, even though they look and sound amazing. Just not in the cards for that much cash. Now, if I get the ToneDexter, I'd love to find someone that has one close to me who'd let me use it to create some wave maps. Prior to this guitar, I had a 2015 SCSJ Supreme with the Trance Amulet M-VT, which was one of the reasons I purchased the guitar. I'm probably going this route for the 2018 J45 Vintage. I need to measure the bridge plate in the Vintage to make sure the transducers will fit. On the SCSJ, the bridge plate was too small to fit them properly, which created issues. I borrowed a Martin D Jr. with electronics to try out with the S1. The ease of use is a plus, and the sound is much louder than the SM57a Beta mic'ing the guitar. Granted, I could get a mixer to plug the mic in and increase the gain for more sound. Current thought process is J45V > Trance Amulet M-VT > Bose S1 Pro for easy portable use. Some wishishlist items I'd like to play with include: 1) Mixer (either a used T1 or a battery powered option) to allow for a buddy to plug in guitar & mic as well. Also want the headphone output. 2) ToneDexter 3) Digitech Trio + 4) Ditto X2 Jam Looper 5) TC Helicon Play Acoustic
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