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  1. Got the guitar and it sounds great, but it and the case stink to high heaven of menthol cigarettes. Not that good of a price for me to keep it and mess with trying to kill the odor.
  2. I ordered a used J150 from Guitar Center online today. My go to strings on mahogany guitars are Martin Retros because of the sound and longevity. I'm curious to know if anyone has tried them on their J100/J150/J200 and what you're thoughts are?
  3. This guitar is going to haunt me for a long time, and I didn't even get my hands on it. I wish CME would do a special run of these in TV or Vintage form (TV would be preferable, IMO). I bumped Karl's May 2018 AGF post soliciting requests with the suggestion.
  4. To add insult to injury, I showed my wife tonight and she said I should have bought it 😢
  5. This is a cross post as I mentioned it in the Sheryl Crow Country and Western thread, but I wanted to share this natural topped 2010 Hummingbird True Vintage that went up for sale at Dave's yesterday. Unfortunately, it sold in the first 24 hours after posting. I didn't know a natural topped version even existed as I've only seen the burst version. What a stunning guitar, IMO. I have lusted after a TV for years, and actually called about this one yesterday, but I didn't purchase it because I didn't want my wife to castrate me. I got back on their site this morning thinking about buying it anyway, but it was already sold. I hope someone here was able to snag it! Dave's Posting
  6. Agreed. Check out this 2010 Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage that popped up used on Dave's website yesterday for $2,495. It sold in less than 24 hours of being listed. I've never seen a natural TV. Looks amazing. Such a difference the pick guard makes. I actually called and almost bought it, but knew my wife would castrate me if I did. 😱
  7. An SJ200 Vintage and this NOS 2015 Hummingbird Maple Quilt because as much as I like the sound of the Dove, I'm not a fan of the aesthetics. Plus OP said he's sold on short scale: https://www.killervintagespecialtyguitars.com/product-page/2015-gibson-hummingbird-quilt As for the TV designation on the OP's Hummingbird Vintage, I think this an example of Gibson's goofy naming choices. I think the TV refers to the burst only.
  8. It's a great sounding guitar, but the pick guard is ugly as heck. This is the one at Wildwood.
  9. I love that look! The light neck is a turn off for me.
  10. Congrats on the fine instrument. I lust after one of these regularly. My J45 Vintage is a dream to play. If not seen that they refer to the finish as “Heritage Cherry Sunburst TV”. I wonder why they include the TV? I got excited they did a TV reissue when I saw that.
  11. I love it! It's an amazing guitar, and we bond more and more every day. It's truly a pleasure to own and puts a smile my face every time I pick it up. Everyone of my buddies that has played it is amazed by the tone and has stated it's the best guitar they've ever had the pleasure of playing. I've had it just over a year, and the sound has refined with more play. I really love the Martin Retro Monels on mine. I have no complaints about the thin finish. I actually dig it a lot. I've always been more of a fan of satin finish guitars than gloss, and this one seems to give me a good middle ground between the two. I'm primarily a bedroom player, but occasionally take it to jam with buddies. It's been knocked and bumped, but it is no more worse for the wear. I'm a somewhat heavy handed strummer, and it has a few pick marks, but nothing that has broke through the finish. Here's my NGD post with pics and the interesting backstory. Gibson went above and beyond with my situation and made me a die hard Gibson fan for life.
  12. 🤤 I wish this was in the cards right now! Been wanting one of these for years. Thanks for sharing the link, Sal. I rarely make it over to UMGF.
  13. I love the fire stripe pick guard on yours. I wanted one on my J45 Vintage and asked Gibson Montana about removing the stock one. They strongly recommended not trying to remove it due to the thin finish.
  14. I love the fact that your soundboard is your pick holder!
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