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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad to see it’s not torrefied. I wish they’d put out the cost on it. What did they charge for your pre-order, and who did you place it with? The anthem is a step up over the VTC included in the SJ-200 Original. I was unaware the original models didn’t come with the anthem, as my 2019 SJ-200 standard has one.
  2. Congratulations. Can’t wait to see pics and hear about the specs. Interesting that it’s so close to delivery and Gibson hasn’t published any information about it.
  3. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I’ve had the same happen as well, and they took excellent care of me. Made me a Gibson fan for life.
  4. I agree with you, Sal. His performance gave me chills. Simply amazing.
  5. I tend to agree with you. I’m not completely sold on torrefication, yet ( and I have a J45 Vintage).
  6. I don't know how you can make that blanket statement without seeing the specs on the NG? It's well known the J150 is a dressed down J200. Some folks don't need/want the neck/headstock binding. Additionally, we do not know if the NG has a torrified top (like the Love Dove) or not.
  7. I had a Gibson with the dreaded tuner impression in the headstock. It can be buffed out by a competent repair guy. Mine was hardly noticeable after being done. To clarify, my understanding is they used micro mesh level it out and then buffed it.
  8. The bad nut was on the Epiphone "IBG" J45 I played previously. No issues with the nut on this 'Bird. I'm quite happy with the setup on it.
  9. Thank you! Vertigo is gone, thankfully. I've had a couple extended opportunities to play this new 'Bird and can say the tone and playability is fantastic. It's incredibly fun to play. I'm amazed how great this guitar is for the price and re-iterate my desire that Epiphone will issue an "Inspired by Gibson" Dove and J185. I would be all over those in a heartbeat if they're anywhere close to this 'Bird. I tune my guitars to standard D and am currently using the the stock strings. Will switch them to Martin Retro mediums in the near future. The rough binding issue appears to be caus
  10. Correct, I bought it. Spoke with Gibson warranty support today and they’re sending me a new pick guard. A local authorized repair shop will install it for me. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been dealing with insomnia and vertigo and haven’t been checking in much or playing it much since pick it up. Will post some more thoughts, pics and hopefully a recording soon.
  11. I picked one up at Guitar Center yesterday. Been keeping an eye out for one in town since they were announced and this was the first "Inspired by" Hummingbird I could get my hands on. I've played plenty of Hummingbirds and the new Sheryl Crow CW Supreme in the past and knew I wanted to add one to my herd (have a Gibson J200 and J45 Vintage) but it's been cost prohibitive. Sal's review and song postings did me in. First impressions are it's well built with nice fit, finish and playability. I dig the aged gloss finish. My only nitpicks at this point are there are several rough spots on the
  12. I sure wish they’d announce the specs and release it. Hoping it’s a reasonable price.
  13. Not saying it doesn't work for some. I read it worked before trying and was surprised it didn't for my guitar. It was more surprising I didn't find anything about this issue in a google search. Just $0.02 update to make folks aware of my results.
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