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  1. Neil was my go to guy for several guitars, but the last guitar I took to him I wasn't satisfied with the work he did. I tried out Mike Nedd for a couple guitars after that and was extremely disappointed in the work, price and the turnaround. I can't recommend him at all. Great Southern did some work for me after that and did decent setups, but they did a poor re-install of the Trance sbt pickups on my problematic SCSJ. Maybe I just have too high of expectations. I may try out Dave and have him drill the J45V. The more I play with the mic'd guitar, I can see the value of a pickup or a p/u and mic combo. Just another rabbit hole to venture. Too many decisions...first world problems.
  2. Practicing/playing around he house with the occasional jam with buddies. Maybe the occasional house party. Really, it's an exercise in pushing myself to get used to being amplified so I'm not fearful of it if the opportunity arises where I get to do an open mic or something. This first setup is really about learning. It was time to s**t or get off the pot. I can read about this stuff all day, but until I jump in and experience it, it's just words on a page. I recognize there are feedback issues at play and see the value in a p/u. My limited playing with the setup so far has definitely made this evident. Ultimately, it's about drilling the hole in the guitar. For whatever reason, I keep going back and forth on this. Part of my apprehension with drilling the guitar is not really trusting anyone in Houston to do it, granted I haven't ever used Yano for any work. I've been disappointed in some form or fashion with most of the techs/luthiers I've tried in the area. I am relatively handy, but don't want to do this for the first time on such an expensive guitar. Additionally, by the time I pay for someone to drill the hole and buy a p/u and a preamp, you're looking at a decent chunk of change as well. If you add a Tonedexter to try and refine the sound, then you're really spending some cash. Gas is a fickle beast, and I have history with high end playback gear and live recording gear, which was always a search for the best tone/sound. I can see amplification being the same rabbit hole.
  3. Did you stick with this setup or did you move to something different after experimentation?
  4. I had been leaning heavily towards mic'ing my J45 Vintage (no p/u) instead of drilling it to add a SBT, and BBG's thread about using a p/u and a mic on acoustic for gigging and Murph's insight in said thread pushed me to purchase my first mic amplified setup last night. I went to GC and played the LBM, S1, and L1C. I went in thinking I would want the L1C (and still wonder if I should get it over the S1), but the demo unit in the store was wonky. I think the guitar input jack was bad as the cable worked on multiple amps. Additionally, I have seen a couple used L1C's for the same price as the new S1. The portability of the S1 and the Bluetooth capability is pretty handy for sure. In the end, I brought home a Bose S1 Pro, Shure Beta 57a for the guitar, and a Sennheiser e935 for vocals. First time singing and playing amplified, which was pretty intimidating at first, but fun once I let loose. Amplification is quite the rabbit hole! I want to pickup a Digitech Trio + to play with, but the Ditto x2 looks to be a better looper. I'm still toying with the idea of getting a T1 ToneMatch so 1) my buddies can plug in and 2) I believe I need to convert the mic XLR to a TRS to run to most pedals. Am I thinking correctly that I can run the 57A > T1 > Pedal(s) > S1? It seems like I have to run the volume pretty hot on the S1 to hear the guitar. I realize this is partly a function of how close the mic is, but will adding a preamp (T1) with Gain help this? I realize there are cheaper mixers, but it seem seems the T1 is a perfect match for the S1/L1C. Additionally, I would like to be able to monitor with headphones. I know the Digitech has a headphone jack. Is there another option to gain this functionality?
  5. Hehe. I love it. I think there's a lot of truth to cork sniffers statement. I'm trying to figure out my first amplified rig, and it's easy to run down the rabbit hole and go for the gold. I think buy once, cry once has it's merits, but so does learning from your mistakes. I'm going to go the mic'd route to start. Only playing with buddies and by myself. I need to jump in and figure some of this stuff out instead of only reading about it.
  6. Thanks for your real world feedback, Murph. I appreciate it. I have a J45 Vintage (no p/u) and have been back and forth on going amplified and whether or not to drill the endpin.
  7. Thanks for this info. Most of what I've read has poo-poo'd the idea of solely mic'g for gigs. You have a Bose L1 Compact, right? Have you used it successfully with mic'd acoustics and vocals for gigs? Would a single condenser mic for guitar and vocals work with the L1C or is it a recipe for feedback?
  8. Not a silly question at all. It may be heresy, but I too desire a bird without the neck binding.
  9. 2106 was the year Fuller’s did a special run of 1942 J45 Legends that have fortified backs and sides in addition to the soundboard. I’ve played 4 or 5 of them in their shop, and was very impressed by them. They didn’t come with a Redline case. I’m fairly certain they said Fuller’s reissue on the label though.
  10. Nice song, Buc. I think your voice and the guitar sound great. Is it a hummingbird sans pickguard? I like the blue a lot.
  11. I guess I'm confused how you figure that I'm worried, stressed and wasting time and energy on this. Yes, in my original post I mentioned I "worry" about my kids. Maybe "worry" was a poor choice of words that is leading you to this "teaching moment". Or maybe it's because you already shared your opinion that I am not "smart": I think any parent will say they are concerned about the future for their children. Why else would try to better ourselves or our situation in life to give them a better future? I made a simple observation and shared my opinion about some related things. Do I think about all things out of my control in this manner? Definitely not. Just because one ponders things that are not within their control does not mean that it is worry, stress, or a waste of time. By this logic, lots of the worlds problems would never have been solved because no one should try to wrap their mind around things that are unfixable or within their control. There are a lot of brilliant and motivated individuals that have bettered the world by doing just that. To stick our head in the sand and not try to better ourselves, our family or our world is unthinkable to me. And yes, I know the Serenity Prayer well. Thanks for the sermon. I promise you you don't need to worry about me. To do so is not worthwhile or futile.
  12. I agree with you about the three things. There are some great Venn diagrams in 7 Habits of Highly Successful People that illustrate your point. However, just because it is out of my control doesn't mean I can't or shouldn't ponder the dilemma and try to reconcile possible causes or solutions. Philosophy and logic are amazing tools.
  13. I agree with you. I wasn't trying to solve any problems, just venting. If I had the answers, I'd be a rich man. Everything stated was my *opinion*, folks, and we all know the old adage that "opinions are like ***holes. Everybody has one and they all stink."
  14. You can misconstrue my words all you want, but it doesn't help the dialogue.
  15. You clearly didn't read my post, as I spoke about how I've reconciled with art versus the artist. However, just like with a breakup, if someone hurts you, you tend to avoid them until the hurt subsides and you are able to forgive.
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