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  1. The thin finish is the same as the VOS on the Vintage series, correct? I have a J45 Vintage and love the thin finish. It looks & feels cool to me, but YMMV.
  2. Well stated, Guille. You have a tough job dealing with all the negative comments and seem to handle it well on the forums I frequent. I share your confusion about people hating on the product when they haven't tried it. I have one of your products and have seen it's results on several guitars. I also shared my favorite application, breaking in new strings. The fact you have a money back guarantee seems like a no brainer to me.
  3. The ToneRite works great to break in the Martin Retro strings on my guitars. I keep the ToneRite on after a re-string (when I'm not playing) to take out the harshness more quickly. 12-24 hours and the Retro's are ready to go.
  4. I think part of the confusion with the Antique Acoustics is that there are several options for J45 pins. When I had my 2015 Southern Jumbo Supreme, I used these without issue. As Nick mentioned, I had the bridge slotted and ramped to accept these. Antique Acoustics Bridge Pins IIRC, there is a long thread on UMGF about ramping and slotting bridges. I recall reading that pins don’t have to be tight in the bridge to serve their purpose.
  5. I’m leaning towards the 135’s. Still unsure on silver or gold. The deal fast are pretty cool looking. There are several keystone options on Stewmac, but the Grovers are the simplest swap.
  6. Trying to decide if I want to change out the tuning machines on the new to me SJ200 natural. I've always been a fan of the "green" keystone look on SJ200's and Hummingbirds. The SJ200 I picked up has Keystone button Rotomatics, which actually aren't that bad now that I've had the guitar for a few days. I'm not normally a fan of gold hardware, but this one has gold tuners and strap button. Thinking of swapping them out to the Grover 135 Keystones. The 135's are 1/4 lb lighter than the ones currently on it. Here are the Rotomatics Keystones that came on it:
  7. OK, I took it to the local authorized Gibson repair shop and had it checked out. They recommended I contact Gibson Montana and ask some questions. I spoke with Ben Broyles and sent him all the pics. Everything checks out to Gibson specs. Ben said the saddle was swapped to bone at the factory because the slot was too wide for the TUSQ saddle. However, they sanded the bone saddle too much, which created the slight lean. He's sending me a new bone saddle so it can be fit properly. Again, Gibson customer service scores a win and further strengthened my brand loyalty. The tone is excellent and it's in great shape. The guitar is staying. Thanks all for their insight.
  8. I have a 3 day return window, thus all my questions. It plays and sounds great. My concern is the tall saddle is going to nag at me in the long run.
  9. Alright, modified a straight edge to fit. Reseated the saddle, ball ends and pins. It definitely looks as though the saddle is tilting forward under the bass strings. I hear you guys about it being better to have and overset than underset neck. However, with that tall saddle and the tilt, I worry that the bridge may shear at some point. What would you guys do? Keep it or return it?
  10. This is the longest straight edge I have that isn't too long to fit between the saddle and nut. It's centered on the fretboard.
  11. That’s an excellent price! Wish I was close enough to check it out. https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/msg/d/kent-gibson-wm-00-acoustic-guitar/7016113441.html
  12. Opened the guitar up this morning and it's in great shape and sounds wonderful. Very little play wear. The finish around the sound hole on the bass side is a little sloppy. The strings feel like they might be .11's. Looking forward to trying out some Martin Retro .12s on it. The neck needs a little relief. The only issue I'm struggling with right now is the saddle height, but maybe I'm being overly paranoid. Great break angle, but check out the pics of this thing. I don't think I've ever seen a saddle this tall, though I'm relatively new to SJ's. Since the saddle has been swapped (not compensated) it makes me wonder if they adjusted the action at the nut too low for their liking and tried to fix it by putting a taller saddle? Sighting from the headstock down the neck, the fretboard is almost perfectly aligned with the top of the bridge.
  13. Some of the 2016 Legend models were the Fuller's custom run with fully torrefied back and sides, which were amazing!
  14. Great job, Sal. I'm happy to see you sharing again. I always enjoy your performances.
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