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  1. Not a silly question at all. It may be heresy, but I too desire a bird without the neck binding.
  2. 2106 was the year Fuller’s did a special run of 1942 J45 Legends that have fortified backs and sides in addition to the soundboard. I’ve played 4 or 5 of them in their shop, and was very impressed by them. They didn’t come with a Redline case. I’m fairly certain they said Fuller’s reissue on the label though.
  3. Nice song, Buc. I think your voice and the guitar sound great. Is it a hummingbird sans pickguard? I like the blue a lot.
  4. I guess I'm confused how you figure that I'm worried, stressed and wasting time and energy on this. Yes, in my original post I mentioned I "worry" about my kids. Maybe "worry" was a poor choice of words that is leading you to this "teaching moment". Or maybe it's because you already shared your opinion that I am not "smart": I think any parent will say they are concerned about the future for their children. Why else would try to better ourselves or our situation in life to give them a better future? I made a simple observation and shared my opinion about some related things. Do I think about all things out of my control in this manner? Definitely not. Just because one ponders things that are not within their control does not mean that it is worry, stress, or a waste of time. By this logic, lots of the worlds problems would never have been solved because no one should try to wrap their mind around things that are unfixable or within their control. There are a lot of brilliant and motivated individuals that have bettered the world by doing just that. To stick our head in the sand and not try to better ourselves, our family or our world is unthinkable to me. And yes, I know the Serenity Prayer well. Thanks for the sermon. I promise you you don't need to worry about me. To do so is not worthwhile or futile.
  5. I agree with you about the three things. There are some great Venn diagrams in 7 Habits of Highly Successful People that illustrate your point. However, just because it is out of my control doesn't mean I can't or shouldn't ponder the dilemma and try to reconcile possible causes or solutions. Philosophy and logic are amazing tools.
  6. I agree with you. I wasn't trying to solve any problems, just venting. If I had the answers, I'd be a rich man. Everything stated was my *opinion*, folks, and we all know the old adage that "opinions are like ***holes. Everybody has one and they all stink."
  7. You can misconstrue my words all you want, but it doesn't help the dialogue.
  8. You clearly didn't read my post, as I spoke about how I've reconciled with art versus the artist. However, just like with a breakup, if someone hurts you, you tend to avoid them until the hurt subsides and you are able to forgive.
  9. You can try and put words in my mouth, but that isn't what I said. Perfect example.
  10. I have 3 daughters and a son of my own. I worry about all of them because of our crazy culture. Morals have been trampled in the name of relativism and self gratification at no cost. There is no regard for consequences for actions, especially for those in the lime light (actors, musicians, pro athletes, and politicians). The difference with Ryan Adams (and numerous others like him) is that it wasn't an accidental one time thing based upon speculation or hearsay. He clearly knew about the underage issue and pursued anyway. There are texts to back it up. I do not give any more of my hard earned money to any of these individuals that are found out to be scum. I have given up some great bands/artists after discovering issues like this. I didn't listen to a particular band for 15 years because of this very sort of thing. I've pondered and tried to reconcile this, and have come to realize the art is separate from the individual. I can appreciate a beautiful song (I own) or painting and see it for what it is, while at the same time not respecting the individual who made it. However, I will avoid Ryan Adams and his work for a good while until I can reconcile within myself to start listening to the cd's of his I own again. You can call me old fashioned, but I don't think you can argue that our society is failing our children. Parents (the majority) are failing at teaching kids to be gentlemen and ladies. Society is not going to do this for us. Education, morals, respect for their elders (and peers) are all suffering, and on, and on. Look at the trash in TV/movies/music/sports these days. Look at the continuing failing education markers. Our country is continually falling in all education aspects at the world level. Why should kids work hard at anything other trying to be a celebrity or professional video gamer? Why should kids try to live wholesome, respectful, accountable lives when all these celebrities don't and never have to pay any consequences? Why aren't parents and teachers being realistic with kids and telling them the probability of becoming a "successful" celebrity are slim to none? Why aren't we redefining "success"? Too much PC bs out there IMO. Everyone is too afraid to speak the truth and call a spade a spade. Unfortunately, the left uses that to brand those that do sexist/racist/bigots/homophobic/etc. in order to silence them.
  11. Incredibly disappointing. I was a huge fan as well. The sad thing is the majority of our culture won't hold it against these people. NY Times Link
  12. I use Martin Retro Laurence Juber's (13-17-24-32-42-56) on my J50 and J45 Vintage and keep them both in D Standard. Drop D, DADGAD, Open E, Open G tunings all do well. I really like this setup and haven't changed in about a year and half.
  13. Thanks for sharing, Buc. Big MM fan here. His 1998 album "1st & Repair" still gets regular play around here. This is an old Austin City Limits video (not great quality), but this performance of "When Will I" is spectacular IMO. Still one of my favorites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glBwJWdSqCY
  14. "We got you chained to your earphones"
  15. Long time JB fan here. He’s an amazing musician and puts on a heck of a live show!
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