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  1. I spotted this 12 string in the hands of Pete Townshend and wondered what model it is, appears to be a custom model, perhaps a Hummingbird or a Dove? Is it a one-off or special edition?
  2. Alan Rogan, guitar tech extraordinaire, vintage guitar collector, connoiseur, fixer of smashed guitars and allround master of the good vibe, passed away on Wednesday night after having been ill for some time. Alan worked as a guitar tech to the stars for 50 years, Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Angus Young, Joe Walsh, Tom Petty all benefited from the Rogan magic. He'll be greatly missed by those who knew him and valued him as a friend and cohort, my sympathies go to his family and to the Who crew. I'll always remember all the fun and the laughs I had
  3. Thanks! I'm curious, what models got the 4 ribbon bridge and why? Was it just build year dependant? It's a 2018 Standard. Thanks! I have a bunch of sets I'm planning to try, I'll add DR Sunbeams to the list. Someone also mentioned coated strings over on AGF, I don't usually go for them, but I think I'll try them on this one. Thanks guys!
  4. Picked up a nice SJ200 Standard lately, and am currently trying out different string brands on the beast. This one is my second J200, previously I had a 1990 J200 Natural. This 'burst is an excellent sounding guitar, what I wanted but never quite managed to get from the '90. I play fingerstyle mostly, haven't used a pick in years, but have been strumming this one and marvelling at the sound. Here's my Gaggle o' Gibsons (AKA Bevy o' Bursts)
  5. Without a better description or even a pic, that's a tough call, when you say the bottom horn is curved down, do you mean like a Spector or B.C. Rich bass body shape? Can't say I'm aware of any Epiphone basses that look like that...
  6. I spent a month on the road with him almost 30 years ago. RIP Ray (& Bob)
  7. If you're looking for old, Guild made some very nice classical guitars in the 1960s, might be easier to find than a Gibson. There are quite a few on sale online right now for very good prices.
  8. I have a 1956 LG-1 (ladder braced). It just grabbed me, I wasn't looking for anything like it at the time, but it just had that immediate dynamic response and a great midrange poke that I found irresistible. I have bigger and louder dreads and jumbos but this style just filled a need, it's comfortable to play with the short scale and has a totally different sound. '50s LG-1 models also cost a lot less than other Gibsons of that era, it has a BRW rosewood bridge with non-adjustable saddle, a good hefty neck with BRW board and a nice sunburst finish. Love it!
  9. Guitar Works in Evanston is worth checking out (1 hour south of Zion on your way to Chicago). Right now they have a nice 1963 J50 for sale: GuitarWorks Inc in Evanston IL There's Midwest Buy & Sell on 6019 W. Irving Park Road in Chicago's north side, they usually have a good selection of older Gibson electrics and sometimes the odd Gibson acoustic: Midwest Buy & Sell Avenue N Guitars in Wicker Park, also on Chicago's north side is a cool store (say Hi to Tim!) I've bought guitars at all these stores, always got good deals .
  10. Conway Savage, organ and piano player for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds passed away last night. He was undergoing treatment following the discovery of a brain tumour. He was 58 years old. I have a lot of great memories from time spent on the NC&TBS touring crew in the early 90's. So long, Conway.
  11. Johnny3j


    Thank you Chris, as a kid these were the kind of guitars I lusted after. Recently, the shop where I bought my first guitar, a 1965 Fender Mustang, closed after 87 years in business
  12. Johnny3j


    Thanks Bill, its a great playing axe too :) My wife is very good with thinking up special things to make & do, this box is a good example, the images on it are sealed under 9 coats of varnish with a final coat of marine varnish, so very resistant to wear & tear. Thanks for the the compliments, everyone! Steve, she has three sisters, but I got the best one Yes, I've always wondered what the back-story is, an ES137 Classic - but with the Varitone usually only seen on the Custom model. Special order? How would I find out more about how
  13. Johnny3j


    Thanks jd, my wife made this recently, she's a Sweetheart & I'm a very lucky guy Thanks guys! Just checked the serial number, looks like it's a 2006. Here's a couple of pix of the top, does it look like a AAAA top to you?
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