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  1. Sorry if this is a repetitive or previosly asked question. I own a 2005 Les Paul USA. To my understanding, there are the Vintage ones that the screws face toward the pick ups, and on the 2008 models they face away from the pick ups? If this is correct then i have a question, mine face away from the pick ups. Is this right? I know that it was serviced before i bought it (used) so is it possible that a new bridge was fitted? Anyway, thanks.
  2. Les Paul Tobacco finish Last one, thats her in action..me with my band.. All pics taken by yours truely, except the last obviously
  3. I really dont like Dragonforce, as other guys have said, they cant play live. My friends who dont play guitar reckon hes a god. I really cant stand it, the whole point of going into music professionally is to provide a good show live. Thats what its all about
  4. Amazing collection! Love them all!
  5. Hi, im new here but ive played for a long time now. This is my Les Paul Standard Tobacco Matt Finish. Im yet to see too many like it, but i do love mine ;) I do envy all of your guitars guys, some are really nice!
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