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  1. Hi

    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

    My phоtо here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Matiac

  2. Uphill...both ways...in the snoe...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSwFIRw9Mhw&list=FL_mUi8W02HTWBWibbffeLmQ&index=113 Wasn't aware I was being filmed, with my long-lost/loved blue Epiphone...
  4. I've personally worn out 4 copies each of 2112 and Moving Pictures...I'd LOVE to go see them again...
  5. Men At Work Street...has a certain 'ring'
  6. matiac


    Maybe Duane will let you use his...then again...
  7. That was great! Reminded me of that song from a long time ago about spilling wine...good one! And a message to boot!
  8. Wow. You have realized what most of us can/will only dream of. For a 56 year old guitar it's in amazingly excellent condition, you should try to get a hold of Vic DaPra, maybe he'll put it in his 'Burst Believers' book...believe the 3rd volume...I bet he'd drool over that guitar...well, maybe not DROOL, but I bet it would wind up in his book...that's a f--kin' score and a half! Edit: ya know those tuners would probably hold tune better if they were tightened up a little, mine used to slip a lot until I tightened the shaft screw that the bean's attached to...God man, those are original Grovers
  9. Has there ever been a 'Gold-Burst'? I'm thinking that would look gnarly...
  10. I heard of him, think he's also got another S.B. Custom with only the bridge pickup, kinda like a Junior, and another S.B. Flying V Custom...appears to take pretty good care of it...I dunno about 4.7K though, but I'm sure there's someone out there who'll buy it...
  11. I once owned a real nice Indonesian Affinity Telecaster that was a decent guitar, a couple Affinity Strats, and my only complaint on any of them was the beyond-crap-tuners, otherwise they were great players. Right now I have a dumpster save in a Johnson Stratothingy with a Starcaster neck that after a few minor tweaks and re-solders is the best playing/sounding of ANY of the others. Last Fender I had was a MIJ Strat with a floyd/license bridge that was one of my favorite guitars until it, among others, was stolen...
  12. Hey FZ, wanna loose even more respect? Go on youtube, and there's some videos of Howard Stern interviewing Don Felder called 'Heaven & Hell'...it's VERY revealing...that poor guy got the shaft in more ways than one...but he DID manage to be a thorn in Henley/Frey's collective side...whole new outlook on those two...suffice to say they got greedy and aloof...
  13. Walsh has 'The Confessor' which I believe he did post Eagles, and while Tim didn't to my knowledge do any solo stuff, he WAS working, but yeah, I kinda noticed the smugness of that myself, and while they may have had their differences (Frey mostly) with Felder, I can kinda understand why he felt the way he did when they got back together, I mean, 'Hotel California' was his concept...I believe a couple Eagles songs were Felder's, and he was also working post-Eagles...he did the title track for the movie 'Heavy Metal', with, ironically enough Henley doing backup vocals! And I never knew that unt
  14. While watching 'The History Of The Eagles' on Netflix, they do a brief closeup of Joe Walsh playing 'Rocky Mountain Way', and I couldn't help but notice the fret board of his Les Paul had an almost mirror-like gloss to it, it had more shine than the frets did. It should be noted that he was playing slide during the song. I've never seen, or heard of a polished (to a mirror like sheen) fret board before...what would the reason for that be? It was like it had some kind of top-coat or something, not just well oiled...it was WAY too shiny...anyone ever hear of this, and what would be the reason fo
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