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  2. Nope it's one of those set-neck kits off ebay, an outfit called 'Bulldog Guitars', but everything else I did, gluing, shaping the peghead, gluing the ebony veneer on the peghead, coloring, electronics (except pickups, a gentleman in N.Y. State made those to my spec), rudimentary fret-dress (all it really needed), been on a backburner for about 3 years, and I finally got sick of looking at the Epiphone box it sat in that whole time. Been together a little more than a month, and the neck FINALLY moved 3 days ago, 1/8 loose-ee on the trussrod brought it right back...dedicated the build when I first got it to Greg (Animalfarm, no longer with us), and finally got it done, and it FAR surpassed my expectations, as it's my first...
  3. My D.I.Y. on the right. Last night I took the open-whites out of the Elitist, and put them in the build, where they were intended to be originally. It took a while to get used to the fact that the build doesn't look like a toy for all the polyurethane (about 50mil!) that the Epiphone has, which isn't taking a thing away from it, just they went a little overboard with the poly coats, and for the build I used high-gloss Tung Oil (Formby's), and it really lends a vintage look to the guitar. Really happy with how it turned out...
  4. Yeah, this Squier I got, I had to lower all the saddles (identical bridge to the Epi) taking care not to alter that arc I talked about. If you look at the picture of his, it's ALL out of kilter. StewMac sells a radius guage that's extremely helpful in situations like this, the radius for most Strat Trems is 12", although that's not the standard. You should ask the shop you bought the guitar at what the string radius is, or "eyeball" it like Rastus suggested. Take the guitar, and from the bridge, look down the neck, and see if the frets are curved (they probably are). When you adjust those saddles, you have to match that curve, if you don't, if the guitars even playable at all, it's gonna buzz everywhere. I'm not sure of the string height (action)...3/64???? Not sure there, but even if you get the radius right, you don't want the height too low, or it'll buzz. Lotta variables to consider...
  5. Like a Strat Trem, there's a "radius" (a gentle arc of the string saddles) that needs to be adjusted. Your best bet is to either extensively research it before you mess with that...you don't want to alter the radius as it co-incides with the necks radius also, if you set them all straight, and the necks got that gentle arc I spoke of, you'll have problems all over the neck with buzzing strings. Be careful, that's a Strat type Trem, not a Tuneamatic.
  6. Merry Xmas! Yeah, I saw that picture of "The Fonz", and it just clicked! There's a kid out your neck 'o the woods named Adam Lee you should check out, plays a P.R.S., and sounds like Joe Satriani, he's got a myspace page under his name, I ain't been to myspace to talk to anyone in a while...I should see if I remember my password.

  7. I took a humbuckered Epi SG Junior, put a Dogear, Tuners, Bridge, and a "Custom Engraved Truss Rod Cover" (literally) on it.
  8. When I got my most beloved, and trusted Blue Bomber from Musician's Friend, I received a cable, wrench, manual, Q.C. slip. No poster (didn't care), no bumper sticker (again, didn't care). What I DID care about was the fact that I received an AWESOME guitar that needed little in setup initially. Granted, I DID modify the hell out of it, not because it needed it, but because I wanted to...I wanted a unique guitar. GOD I miss that guitar.
  9. I would like to add the Class 5 Quilt top...in Trans Blue of course!
  10. Why thank you B4L, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me about me guitarin', and THAT is what keeps me doing the crazy, raw, 1 take stuff I do, although I would like to attempt a more polished, less primitive recording along the lines of "Dead Of Night"...I actually had a game plan going into that one. I've been corresponding with w1av via email, and he's telling me there's a place up in East Greenwich R.I. has one of those "open mic" nights every Tuesday, and I'd love to do it tonight, just have prior commitments...I'm JONESIN' to jam with others, this solo things great, and all, but I need some inter-action with something other than a machine, I feel as though I'm beginning to stagnate, which isn't a good thing. But again, Thanks! I am truly humbled...seriously.
  11. Mine is my most beloved, and trusted Blue Bomber, a.k.a., Isabel...it even says so on her deluxe hardshell case.
  12. Judging by your photos, you weren't ripped off, looks like a pretty nice guitar, be happy.
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