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  1. For those who still follow this thread I just got both of the two cases. Here are some of my personal opinions. 1.Gibson brown hardshell case Weight (mesured with my electronic scale, idem for two others): 3,8kg Pros: really sturdy, fits perfectly the Gibson Les Paul. For me it's the only option for a flight, and it looks so cool. Build quality is very nice. Cons: honestly it's not THAT heavy to carry for a short trip, I took it out two times and it's ok. The real problem is that you cannot carry it on your back, and no room for other matos. 2.Mono Vertigo Weight: 2,8kg, it's definitely a lot lighter than the hardshell case, but for a gigbag I would say it's not really light weight. You can still feel it in your hands. Pros: It's the best looking gigbag on the market. Build quality is very nice and it has many pockets. When I carry it on my back, I don't feel heavy at all. The paddings protect the guitar really well. Cons: No, I should say this case is not designed for Les Paul. The case itself is really tight for a LP's thick body and not easy to put the guitar inside. When you lay the case down, the headstock touches the back of the case (which is the worst thing), you can feel that pressure if you put a finger inside. SKB SC56 soft case Weight: 2,3kg, when I hold this thing in hand, I have to say it's significantly lighter than the Mono one. Pros: It fits my Gibson perfectly. It's designed for LP guitars and it's great. It's light weight and has two comfortable straps which make it even more pleasing to carry on my back. Cons: Aesthetically this case does not look cool. Many cheaper cases may look way better than this, it's not a problem after all. The handle is not well placed on the side, I found it impossible to carry by hand. The real problem is the build quality. You can tell that the case is not well made just by touching it. When I carried it on my back for the first time, with my Gibson inside, one of the straps slipped through the plastic buckle and almost fell apart, it freaked me out. I would break my guitar if I didn't notice it.
  2. Struggled for a few days, I ordered the vertigo If it's not satisfying, I'll replace it with the SKB one
  3. I cannot decide bewteen this and the Mono Vertigo gigbag.
  4. Hi, I just bought a Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T, I love the brown case very much but it's too heavy to carry around. Does anyone have suggestions for a good gig bag (protection, light weight) for Gibson Les Paul? Thanks.
  5. brest

    T vs HP

    I just got my standard 2016 T last week and I love it so much. I had considered the HP model, 150 euros does not make a difference when you are already willing to pay 2000+, I just do not like that robotic auto-tuning thing.
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