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  1. The Epiphone Casino guitars that Paul and John own were made in the US. This July Epiphone will sell a made in the US Casino for $3,099.00
  2. The E falls off and I hate that. I set one on a shelf but lost it for 3 years to find it stuck to the bottom of a web cam the cat knocked down. As long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg I don't mind dropping it in the mail for you. I can stick it to a sheet of paper and put it in a standard envelope. I can take a photo of it to make sure it's the right one.
  3. Nice! I've never played one but it's on my radar. The old Epiphone site use to have one made in their Japan shop, drooled over it many nights.
  4. I noticed the thinning of the herd January 1st when I went to go drool over their Casino and it was nowhere to be found. After watching the videos and reading info on the site I found some awesome news. Epiphone will have two Made in America guitars, the Texan and the Casino! A made in America Casino! I'm saving for it now. David
  5. Sorry to hear you had issues. Hopefully you are having a rocking New Year with your new Epi!
  6. Whenever I change my strings, I always clean the fretboard. Changing the strings made a world of difference. I was impressed with the guitar right out of the box but the string change was definitely needed.
  7. Anytime! This is a good group and I'm happy to help out.
  8. I had to pawn mine awhile back and I forgot to put the pick guard back on it so I have one. It's the one in this photo. If I have a small enough box I'll send it to you as long as you pay for shipping. http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Ltd-Ed-Riviera-Custom-P93-Blue-Royale.aspx
  9. Is it probable that the strings on this have been on it for years while this guitar sat in storage? They look newish and sound pretty good but I was playing last night and noticed some stuff on my fingers that probably came off the strings.
  10. Yes, it was always like this. I bought it two or three years ago for like $110 on Amazon and planned on using it to practice setups and modifications. I figured I’d learn how to correct the neck sooner or latter. I removed the neck and one screw hole has been doubled drilled and it left wiggle room. I’ll play with it more.
  11. I edited my original post and added a link to a few more images on imgur.
  12. What's going on here and is there an easy fix? Everything looks great at the nut but all strings gradually slant toward the low E end side of the neck. I uploaded a few more photos at the following link: Imgur.com SG Photos
  13. Has anyone in here used these? They cost almost as much as the guitar, I’m considering getting this for my Epiphone P90.
  14. 40,000 year old fossilized mammoth ivory nut! Lol I’d appreciate that mod any day.
  15. Wonderful points! It’d break my heart to sell it, plus I’d never get what I’d want for it.
  16. I love buying a low end guitar and fixing it up. If you modded one out and sold it, do you take in consideration of the cost of the new hardware? I have a $130 guitar with a new nut, setup, strings, and $60 tuners.
  17. I bought a SG Special Limited to mess around with and learn how to do a setup, change tuners, nut, strings, bridge. It has a few dings and dents. I looked for a neck on eBay, pos for $60 something. The two screws and strap connectors, $10 or so. A working used SG can be found for under $90.00.
  18. Trying to find original Epiphone parts is challenging and expensive. Where do you all shop for replacement parts?
  19. I’m forming an opinion, that you don’t understand science and that U.S. English, isn’t your native language. It’s a fact that I’m done with you.
  20. My opinion doesn’t play a factor, I have no dog in the race, this is pure unbiased science. I was offering advice because I love Epiphone! I can understand where that wasn’t helpful information at that time and place and I apologize. If a discussion on improving skills comes up, that’s a different story. P.S. Had I came up with that hypothesis, I’d be famous, but I’m flattered none the less.
  21. Nice to meet you! My name is David and I am a Learning Scientist. I study the brain and cognition. I do research into how people learn and how we progress to various stages of mastery of learning objectives. Reaching an expert status includes intimate knowledge of your tools. If you are saying you believe you can become a good guitar player without being a tech, that is possible, there are millions of good guitar players. You will never achieve expert, not many do.
  22. You all inspired me to try a mod. I bought one of the Epiphone Les Paul P90 on sale for $100. I also bought some $50 Grover tulip tuners to replace the stock ones, new strings, new torq nut. I had to enlarge the holes for the tuners, but that was easy. My guitar is so freaking kickass now, I’d want $300 minimim for it. Rock on!
  23. Forgive me if I gave the impression this is a requirement. Every guitar I’ve bought, only required tuning to play right out of the box. Moving from a novice player to an expert, requires this skill set however, not all guitar players get anywhere near being an expert so the need to learn the skill never arises. Cheers.
  24. Regardless of the brand or price of a guitar, this is what I do to every guitar I buy. I haven’t used the fret leveling device he uses, but I address problem frets individually. A setup like this, will help you bond with your new guitar, and eliminate issues like you are experiencing. Watch this video if you want to build a good skill set.
  25. I bought one of those Epiphone Les Paul P90 guitars for $100 to try my hand at modding. I replaced the nut with a self lubing one and the stock tuners with Grovers. Does Epiphone make a bolt on neck with inlays similar to a Casino or higher end Les Paul?
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