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  1. I'd love to hear your thought's on this. It's one of those I'm about 99% sure I've heard before, but I don't know where from, although those are sometimes the best ones. It was done and dusted in 30 minutes too, one of those thats writes itself. I was stuck in a bit of rut and had an idea to do a waltz in 3/4 rather than the usual folky 4/4 fare. Hopefully it's put across the idea of a romantic ballroom dance, with a bit a swing. It's also much too high for my voice and I didn't want a really high capo on it, so this is the first time I'm tuned to D. Anyway, here it is. http://adamharkus.com/acoustic-corner-when-youre-in-love/
  2. I'd be curious to know who else has has the uneven/high fret issue above the 14th, and how they solved it. If this was sorted from the factory it really would be the bargain of the century.
  3. As I said in the Articles. Strats are blue collar tools.
  4. :) :) Check out the gold knobs too. Much nicer than the stock black ones on mine :(
  5. What I did was...... -Got an old wooden sanding block. -Placed some coarse sandpaper over a fret (rough side up). -Worked the block into the fret. -Viola - a sanding block with a perfectly shaped ridge to sand the top of the frets. -An old credit card is the perfect size to track down high frets. -I bought some sandpaper. Saved a lot of money and hassle. Of course, if money isn't tight, that kit looks cool!
  6. I had buzz above the 14th fret. To cut a long story short I got researched which grade sandpaper I needed (I've forgotten now) and carefully sanded past from the 14th fret upwards..... It greatly improved it, but still, I couldn't get the action as low as my Gibson Les Paul Studio, which does play on the mind. Saying that.... it's the ONLY thing I would criticise about the ES-335 PRO..... Maybe some got lucky and didn't have this problem. If you are handy with fretwork it's a none issue.
  7. Clockwise - tighten Anti-clockwise - Loosen. Where is the buzz?
  8. The 339 is smaller bodied, so it's closer in tone to a Les Paul (more mids). Let's say it's a cross between a 335 and a Les Paul, veering towards the 335. What I like about the 339 is the input jack isn't on the face of the guitar. What I don't like is that it's a compromise, I'd rather go all 335 or All Les Paul.
  9. On the top on the edge a little down from the endpoint. Honestly when the eboby finish peeled off to reveal the maple top it looked horrible. I literally had my sandpaper out the same night. I'd had the guitar for around 8 years prior to this so you can't say it didn't have a chance to settle in.
  10. Agreed, the fretboard on mine was scruffy, and it aint plekked. You'll be lucky if it doesn't need some work. Having said that, after a bit of careful sanding, mine worked out fine.
  11. Yep, amazing guitars, and although I think Epiphone have stopped making them, they're still available.... Full review of this amazing guitar here..... http://adamharkus.com/epiphone-es-335-pro-review/
  12. Acoustic Corner : You’ll Find a Way The first in a series of stripped back acoustic performances, live from Acoustic Corner. I’ll be performing a variety of material from my back catalogue, new stuff I haven’t produced yet, and even the odd cover. Just me and my Acoustic, live, and (hopefully) in one take. ‘You’ll find a way’ is a track from my debut Album ‘This is Who I am’ which is available to own at adamharkus.com http://adamharkus.com/acoustic-corner-youll-find-a-way/
  13. Part 2: ‘The Indian’ by Adam Harkus. Live from Acoustic Corner. I wrote ‘The Indian’ way back in 1999 as part of my unreleased and un-named third album. It’s song about the plight of the peaceful native American Indians against the cruelty of the ‘White Man’. A powerful message long forgotten, but one we can still all learn from today. Played on a Taylor 110e Acoustic. http://adamharkus.com/acoustic-corner-the-indian/
  14. Review of the Paul Reed Smith (PRS) SE 245 Limited edition Soapbar Spalted Maple electric guitar. http://adamharkus.com/prs-se-245-spalted-maple-review/
  15. I didn't want to remove the finish, but I had to as it was peeling away and looked REALLY ugly (and unsealed). That wasn't my fault. Granted everything else was. I should have taken better care of it :(
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