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  1. This what Ill put inside. https://www.donnerdeal.com/products/pre-sale-new-donner-beltway-looper-guitar-effect-pedal?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=Bing Shopping&msclkid=452efac8a66f1152ebaaa46329df68f2&utm_term=4586750197444438&utm_content=pedal-0417
  2. Just curious what people do with their old, vintage, valuable Gibson equipment. I have a Gibson Ripper and Invader. 2 x 15 800G stack and a G-40 amp. Do you all plan on handing them down to your family/children/friends or sell them. Or, just let everyone else deal with them when you are gone. I guess this is for older people or sick more than young ones healthy.
  3. Its an 83 Moog prototype that turned into the Inavader.
  4. Hi, I have a Gibson guitar from the 80s. It was one of those that Gibson was trying new inexpensive ways of making new guitars. Bolt on neck, flat LP style body. The preamp inside blew. The motherboard was messed up and there are no replacements. So, I took it out and disconnected it. I was thinking, since I have the space in the guitar, of buying a loop playback pedals, take it apart and put it inside the guitar. What do you think, will it work, should I even attempt it? I figure connect the guitar output to the pedal input and connect the pedal output to the guita
  5. Ive had one of these for over 20 years. I use it as a bass amp. It has 2x 15" speakers. The speaker part has 800-2 on it. Its a great bass amp, gigged with it for years.
  6. That's my old ripper. I actually played that one in my band. Ive had them hanging there for many years and every couple years I have them intonated and cleaned inside and out. Is it bad to have them hanging that long? I'm actually saving the description of the guitar , gonna print it out and put in a frame next to it.
  7. Oh, and thank you all for help!!!! Kefta
  8. Your right it has a bolt on neck. I forgot to write that.It has a mahogany neck, Heavy as hell. I'm not selling it, but just curious is it worth much. It works great.
  9. I guess that's all the pics I'm allowed to upload
  10. I'm at work but will post some pics. I have other Gibson gear I want to know about. Ill post pics and models. A 2 15 basss amp . A 1 12 Guitar amp, and a Ripper Bass. The Ripper and the 1/12 Guitar amp are the only things I can find info on. Wuill post pics, thanks for the help.
  11. Hi, Ive had this Gibson guitar for about 30 years and was always wondering about it. The SN is 80280032. I don't know if it was made this way or not but it has a preamp built into the body. There is a motherboard in the body that's powered by a 9v battery. I was 20 when I traded a Jap Fender Strat for it from a friend. He said he bought it that way. Anyone know anything about these guitars.
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