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  1. Congratulations on the new guitar, Dot's are nice. If you've tried all you can with the stock pickups and still don't like them, I'd look at '57 Classics if you want to stick with humbuckers. I'm pretty partial to P90's. There are several options out there for HB sized P90 style pickups that would swap out easily too.
  2. Beautiful guitar! I like the yellow model the best. I bought a red one with a broken neck a few years ago and repaired it. It's been a great player and I've not had any issues with the bridge. I find the P90's in these amazing. When MF had them on sale a few weeks back I bought another in yellow, my favorite color for a flat top Junior style guitar. A buddy got one in black during the sale as well. I initially had plans to mod mine but haven't done a thing to it. The tuners work great so until they give me an issue, if that ever happens, I'll stick with the stock ones. Is that a standard LP case or one marketed for the LP Junior? I'd like to find one of the slimmed down models. Enjoy your new guitar!
  3. That's some great playing. I love Redneck Samba. Nicely done, and thanks for sharing.
  4. I prefer the Gibson style as well.
  5. Good review, and I love the guitar. I was itching for one of these when they were first announced and you've renewed my desire for one. Sweet!
  6. I picked this up for the discounted price of $54.60 from MF nearly 2 years ago (12/18/13) because it was in need of repair. The neck was broken in two pieces and although the fretboard was still hanging on in one piece, it was separated from the neck over a good distance. I cleaned up the joint to get a good mating surface and used a little wood glue and some clamps to put her back together. I had intentions of a refinish, but it just never happened. Would you believe this thing is still holding strong with no fret buzz, tuning, or intonation issues? I'm impressed. I do like the guitar and get plenty of use out of it. The transitions are much smoother than they look and don't cause any problems when playing. A very amateur repair job that resurrected a good playing guitar. I dig it.
  7. I've picked up funky metallic smells from old strings.
  8. Yes, although I haven't gotten one of my own yet. I never did go through with the refinish I had planned to do in turquoise.

  9. Hey there! Still like Epi's in turquoise?

  10. I'm sure someone's dream guitar is in that batch, but there's nothing there for me. I was so excited for this too. Maybe next year.
  11. I don't know. But if they wait much longer they'll have to be 2015 models.
  12. NAMM is a week away. We should know soon.
  13. I recently purchased an Epi LP Special I with a broken neck and repaired it. I'ts not bothering me so I haven't been to quick to address the finish on the repaired area. My plan, if I ever get around to it, is to strip the poly finish off the whole neck and refinish with nitro. If I do, I'll do the body too. Maybe this would be a good project for a turquoise finish.
  14. I agree on using like compounds, but I've never used poly. I've stripped poly completely and refinished with nitro. Here's a thread where I stripped a couple poly Strats and refinished with nitro… Strat Refin
  15. I've never done a refin or touch-up with poly, always nitro. It's much easier to work with. I really don't know how poly would turn out, but would love to see some pics when you're done.
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