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  1. 1960 Explorer Looking for an Explorer? A 1960 Korina for your consideration. A bargain at a mere $895,000 !!!!
  2. Thanks guys! This guitar smokes all of my others. The neck is butter. Great pickups. Just perfect in every way. I am so stoked about it I am considering selling off my Gibson USA models and getting another Reissue.
  3. fingers galore


    I finally joined the historic ranks! For years I wanted to get a Custom Shop LP before I turned 50. I came in just under the radar with my birthday less than 2 weeks away. I am stunned by how incredible this guitar is. It is head and shoulders above any guitar I have played or owned. Fit and finish are superb! Happy Holidays! 2016 R8 Washed Cherry Gloss
  4. Here is my Mesa Dual Rectifier. Incredible tone! Much more than just a metal amp. My band mate`s Mark IV. A phenomenal amp!
  5. Just a heads up for you guys in Europe. Thomann have 2016 Standard Faded Plain Top`s in stock. Modern weight relief, Zebra Burstbucker Pros, Honeyburst finish, etc. They look cool and the price is right. 2016 LP STD Faded
  6. I didn`t really consider myself a Flying V guy either, but this one spoke to me. There was another one of the same model in red which was cool too. I like the ebony better. I prefer covered pups but also enjoy the look of the zebras. I forgot to mention that the neck is a 60`s slim taper, and the neck binding has nibs. Thankfully, no robot tuning. It has Kluson tuners. The nut is something called TekToid which is supposedly self lubricating. It doesn`t look any different than the standard corian nut to me. Also included was a picture of the guitar on the work bench at quality control. Gibson added a black micro fiber polishing cloth with the Gibson logo on it. Pretty cool. Anyway, I took it down to my band´s practice room and gave it run through my amp. It sounds killer. I launched into a few Judas Priest riffs to do it justice... Thanks for the kind words guys. Cheers. Here is another picture that shows the nibs.
  7. I just picked up this Flying V 2016 model in ebony. The pups are 500T & 496R. They are quite hot and scream when cranked, but clean up nicely when rolling off the volume. The volume and tone pots are 500K according to Gibson. It sustains forever it seems. Fit and finish are fantastic. The only negative thing is the crappy gig bag it came in. I bought a hard case for it so not really an issue. Here are the obligatory pictures. Cheers. Gibson Flying V Pro 2016
  8. My band mate`s amp and new Flying V Other band mate`s amp - hand made Marshall clone My friend´s gear - Orange Rockerverb (incredible amp!)
  9. Marshall JCM 800 - sold Hughes & Kettner Switchblade - sold Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier - my new amp
  10. As 2015 rolls on I am sure many of us are anxious to see what "technological advances" Gibson have in store for 2016. Hopefully nothing like this.....
  11. Guitar Center Just read an interesting article. It seems Guitar Center`s financial woes are far more dire than suspected. The new head of the company, allegedly, doesn`t know a thing about music or gear. Investors are jumping ship and stocks are plunging. There has been a new round of firings including some top people of the company. Guitar Center is in serious trouble and will most likely be forced to file for Chapter 11.
  12. Thank you! I started a thread in the lounge with more pictures if you want to see more. Some incredible guitars in this thread! Keep ` em coming.
  13. Got a new LP Traditional last week.
  14. Thanks Saturn. What the hell, why not reprise it one more time for old times sake...... \:D/ 1988 Les Paul Custom Yeah folks, like a dumb-azz I sold it. [thumbdn]
  15. Thanks guys! I had a few days off this week and spent quite a bit of time playing my new LP. She`s a keeper. The guitar is flawless. Perfect fit, finish, and fret work. Gibson hit a home run with this guitar. Some people dislike the 120th anniversary inlay but you really don`t notice it when playing. It is fairly heavy (no weight relief) but not a problem. The neck is thick but feels great. The pups are awesome! Plenty of bark but also respond well to rolled off volume. Again, if you are looking to get a new LP I highly recommend the 2014 Trad! So far I have only been able to play at home at low volume. My band is on hiatus until next year so I haven`t had a chance to crank it through my amp. I will play it at our next gig once the band is up and running again. This guitar was a xmas present to myself so happy holidays! Cheers!
  16. I saw these on Google. Unfortunately they are not mine.
  17. I pulled the trigger on a LP Traditional 2014 on Black Friday. I got a good deal so I jumped on it. Considering the 2015`s "innovative design and technology" the 2014`s may be the last regular Gibsons we see in a while. The 2014`s are selling fast so grab one if you are on the hunt for a new Gibson. Gibson Les Paul Traditional HCS
  18. Thomann has quite a few lefties in stock. Hope this helps. Happy hunting. Lefties
  19. I haven`t actually owned all 3 but I had an interesting guitar buying experience. I went acoustic shopping 6 months ago. I was hell bent on getting a Hummingbird. So I get to the shop and try out the first one and was underwhelmed. I tried a few more Gibsons and had the same reaction to all of them. Beautiful guitars no doubt, but the tone was not what I was expecting. I guess I was used to my brother`s Martin which I played quite a lot. So I browse and try different guitars, low priced Martins and a few other brands. I had heard how great Taylors were so I checked a few out. Wow! Very nice! I play quite a few and decide on one that felt the best. Beautiful! Ebony fretboard and all I was ready to buy. It was Saturday afternoon and the place was busy. I was with my wife in a small room playing and waiting for the sales rep to come back to tell him I want to buy the Taylor. While I am waiting I decide to try out a few other guitars that were more expensive on the the back wall. I take down a Martin, play one chord and was blown away! I knew I wasn`t going home with the Taylor. I ended up getting the Martin which cost twice as much. It has a Richlite fretboard but I couldn`t care less. It plays and sounds incredible. I had to have it. Btw, this is now my second guitar with Richlite. I also have a Midtown Custom. I read on a forum that some people had issues with Taylor necks. I personally can`t believe that after playing a few of them. But who knows.... Anyway, this was after I already bought my guitar. If I find the link I will share it.
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