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  1. Hi, Usually it is possible to use a 5.1 soundcard with Deckadance. The way it works for me is: Setting the soundcard in 5.1 channel Output mode. (5.1 surround) Using Quadrophonie if supported. This is OS Setting. In Deckadance Audio Setup choose your Audio Device Type (if you´re using two or more different soundcards, maybe internal and external soundcards make sure you are reading through the Manual in the Audio Setup category) Output: Your 5.1 channel soundcard Input: would be Line-In from your 5.1 soundcard or another Input channel. Input Routing: Input Decks (choose deck) Input channel 1 + 2 (line-in channel Input from 5.1 device or line-in from internal soundcard) Output Routing: Internal Mixing (Monitor: Output channel 3 + 4) Headphone rear channel Output from 5.1 device Master: Output channel 1 + 2 Loudspeaker/PA/Monitor/Master front channel Output from 5.1 device (not all Mics are able to be used via line-in)
  2. Hi Luis, Thanks for your fast reply. It would be very nice to have the VCI-400 supported in STANTON DD 2.61. I am working on a script too. But I am not getting far by now. Midi Learn Editor did its Job. Rewriting the exported script into this nice "case 0x00:" format right now. Man, four channel mixer!!! Whose idea was that? xD OFFTOPIC: "Thank you very much, Luis." I was a early into DD2 after its release. Coming from Magix Digital DJ 2 DEMO. Haha. Got this "shitty"(sry) Hercules DJC MP3 LE. Scripted for weeks, what i never did before. More ´bout that LEDS. It´s by far not great but it works. Maybe you remember that release Clip for DD2: Image Line News DD2 Release That was the birth of the idea: Gotta mix with that Combo!! The VCI-400 is at its best in DD2. Serato doesn´t even recognize. Traktor is just not mine. Virtual DJ "lets pretend it doesn´t even exist." ??MIXXX?? Haha. Amounts of time wasted with the others. Always coming back to your creation: DD2!! Thanks to your creation i am able to enjoy mixing with the VCI-400. // EOF Keep up the good work Thanks
  3. Hi, I wanted to post a modified version of the Hercules MP3 Control LE. Pitch: Pitch Reset = Switch: Tempo(steady)/Filter(flashing) Pitch +- = Tempo/Filter See that was already implemented. Browser: Switched back to old behavior. Was used to it. LED´s: Added different lighting behavior with blinking/flashing LED´s. Maybe someone likes it. Nothing special, just wanted to share it with the community. Thanks LED_VAR_DD2_Hercules_DJC_MP3_e2_LE_V243.zip
  4. Hi, Since DD2 (up to v2.43) was supporting the Vestax VCI-400, my question is, if the script for v2.60 (or higher) is already in place. I know somebody did a great job creating the internal hardcoded script for the (Image Line DD2) version. (Was it you, Luis?) Would it be possible you could recreate the script for the STANTON DD2 Software? I want to move on to the "new" version of DD2 but the missing VCI-400 script is holding me back. Thanks
  5. VCI-400 is an achievement xD

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