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  1. I'd like to know what Epi I am thinking about buying. It is Cherry sunburst, stud tailpiece, 2 V 2T, no binding, apppears to have P94's, and according to the Guitar Dater Project . . . made in 2006. Can't find anything on the web that comes close. What model is it and any other info?
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  3. That's what I was thinking . . . but there are no holes. That's where it's going anyway.
  4. Just got a Freddie King 345 (162 of 200) and need to 'put it back together'. Some knucklehead took some of the guts out! So . . . where does the choke go? I don't see screw holes where it may have been. Not sure if or how it attaches to the guitar. Looks like it just sits under the bridge pickup(?) Any help will be appreciated. A wiring diagram would be real nice too.
  5. Thanks . . . but if that were so, there would still be 4 holes in the guitar top. 2 for the bridge and 2 larger ones for the tailpiece, I wish I had the guitar in hand, but am thinking about buying it online.
  6. Not on the CRR. They used a brass nut. I tried loading these pics and I kept having to make them smaller to upload. I'll try again. I've confirmed the year/date/etdc off the serial number. My main concern is that the CRR's are moew like the ones BTOTH showed. Features unlike the CRR: Bone nut, trapeze tailpiece, and covered buckers. Upload Skipped (This file was too big to upload) From GUITAR DATER PROJECT: ser #72089155 Your guitar was made at the Kalamazoo Plant, MI, USA on July 27th, 1979 Production Number: 155
  7. Are you sure there is a dash between the 8 and 5?
  8. Serial #: 72089155. Will try and post pic's. Tobacco sunburst, covered humbuckers, toggle switch on lower bout, trapeze tailpiece, mahogany neck(?), and "bone" nut.. Is this a 1979 ES335 CRR? Are those covered "Dirty Fingers"? Why the trapeze? Condition would be a 7 out of 10 . . . maybe a 6.
  9. Dries . . . you've somehow posted this twice. A duplication.
  10. I believe there was a short run in '87 - '88 where Gibson use ebony on some of their models. Yes, this appears to be ebony. I believe this was near the end of Norlin owning Gibson and the manufacturing had all but shifted to Nashville from Kalamazoo. Likely guitars were put together with "spare" parts due to financial difficulties. Not uncommon . . . though this is a beauty!
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