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  1. thanks for the info! I may just take your suggestion and test the waters on Ebay with a low opening bid and reserve , but then again I may not since I have had her for 25 years...HaHaHA thks again, and have a great day !!!
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. I was pretty sure I had the model number correct. I just wanted another experienced pair of eyes to confirm it for me. The date range may be correct because I originally bought the GM7TA in late 93 not 94 as I stated before and I gigged with it well into early 95 before I sent it off for re fretting, and it was several moths before they determined that it was lost and sent me the replacement GM4S {I had to do lots of complaining to finally get to the bottom of what happened and to actually get a guitar} so I feel safe that the date may be correct. This GM4S sounded nothing like the GM7TA that they lost . I was really disappointed when I received this guitar but learned to enjoy it for years. Any idea on what value the current market might put on this guitar?
  3. I have owned this guitar since 1995. I came into possession of this guitar after sending my 94 GM7TA to the factory for a refret job during the time a warehouse move was taking place and it was lost in the process. I was given this one as a replacement.The paperwork for this one I am trying to identify was lost in hurricane Rita in 2005 and now I cant remember exactly the model number thus the reason for posting here. I am thinking this is a 1995 GM-4S made in Nashville by gibson from the photos you can see that the engraving marks on the underside of the heel is [ 16480 3/ /1995 ] and the serial number stamped on the neck is STEINBERGER USA TN15681.Their is no battery so the pickups are passive with coil-tap,(not sure of pickup brand) the color is WINEBURST I was toying with the idea of putting it up for sale on ebay, so I need a model number if I decided to do that.Thanks!!!
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