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  1. Thank you for your reply, otherwise this instrument is such a great masterpiece and plays like butter and sounds like cream
  2. Thank you ver much for sharing your experience, so i am fully comfotable now. I was just worried about the laquer could break out on the sides. Thanks i fully enjoy the L4 it is a masterpiece
  3. First of all a big hello to all Gibson Fans out there. I am sorry to start here as a newbie but this case is kind of urgent. I bought a new L4 and i am more than happy with it but when i set new strings for the very first time i realized there is missin laquer under the bridge. ok one can say who cares.. but i am worried as the missing laquer could grow out of the coverage of the floating bridge. Gibson says it is no warrenty case because it is a 2015 model but i bought it two months ago new in a shop they just ordered it for me directly from the distributor. Someone can tell me if this is a normal thing about the missing laquer. My link My link
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