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  1. I reccomend my 1969 SG standard all original and fantastic condition with OHSC 😀
  2. Well I have a firm offer on the table regardless of the case but if falls just under my valuation so mulling it over. Thanks guys
  3. Thanks. Yep period correct case I should have said. Now I just need to find one 😀
  4. Hi folks, Looking to sell my 1962 335 which doesn't have an original hardcase. Would it be worth shelling out for one to help my sale and is it likely to increase the sale price by more than cost of the case? Cheers
  5. Gibson have replied to this one, its a standard model and the gold hardware is original. Swift response from them, great service.
  6. Sorry this may be better suited to ID Information thread. My friend has an ebony 2004 ES335TD with gold hardware which seems rare unless its a Lucille (which it isn't). He has picked this up through trading other guitars so doesn't have full history or paperwork. The guitar also has an orange label which to me suggests but does not guarantee its a custom model. Is there anyway to tell for sure without paperwork? Here are some pics one of which shows the serial: http://s1160.photobucket.com/user/cmwilson11/library/Ebony%20335
  7. Link to my band's site with a couple of original tracks My link Feedback welcome/appreciated
  8. Thanks Buc, seems to swing it more towards Brazilian then.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if the 1954 J160e came with a Rosewood or Brazilian Rosewood fretboard as standard? I have seen a few advertised (like the one below) claiming to have Brazilian Rosewood fret board with no suggestion of them being anything other than the standard model which I have seen described elsewhere as having Rosewood (but not specified Brazilian) fret board. http://www.musical-instruments-for-all.com/6959/acoustic-guitars/1954-gibson-j-160e-vintage-acoustic-electric-guitar-collector-grade-100-j-45.html Would be grateful if anyone can clear this up. Cheers
  10. Thanks, that makes sense regards the serial and clears that up for for me Yep trust me it is treasured and it is also played. Just need to get her fitted with an L R Baggs Anthem and she will be out gigging with me too in the near future.
  11. I just got a Tascam DP32-SD, not had a chance to use it much yet. Used my mates Advanced Jumbo to record a couple of tracks and it sounded amazing but getting a lot of noise from my 1954 J160e when I plug that in which I know is due to the guitar and the original p90 known to feedback a lot though PAs. Need to get a pick up fitted to my other acoustic before I will get proper use of the Tascam but so far seems a very good purchase. Anyone else got one?
  12. Hi Folks, Already posted this in the custom section but been advised I might get more eyes on it here. I have a custom shop Super 200 one of 5 commissioned by Fuller Guitars in Texas in 2004. Just wondering if any members have one of the other 4? http://s1160.photobucket.com/user/cmwilson11/library/Super%20200 I have also pointed out in my other post that the serial suggests this is production number 13 so I am not sure how that ties with there only being 5? Perhaps the 5 for Fullers was part of a larger run but if anyone thinks they can shed any light on that, that would be great.
  13. Wow this looks in fantastic condition as well, what a find!!! I have a 1962 but with fitted bigsby and refret which brings the value down a little... does me just fine though! I cant post a pic of mine, seems as a new poster I have used all my upload quota already :(
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