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  1. Hello Cjsinia... Your link to Wildwood formerly returned a "Figured" maple in cherry which was exceptionally handsome! I opted for the 60's cherry with a "plain" top which accents the longitudinal grain. I believe both iterations were available in the 60's. Stunning guitars! Cheers
  2. So many great choices! I particularly favor the nitrocellulose "cherry" that shows off the maple grain. Rotnroby's photo, a few posts back, captures it well, I waited patiently to locate this Limited Edition 60's Cherry. Cheers!
  3. Welcome to the board Michael. Enjoy!
  4. Welcome to the board Terry. Enjoy!
  5. Welcome to the forum Paulsgs! Dive in and Enjoy!
  6. Welcome to the board Martind41... Enjoy!
  7. I'm now using the BH Polish. If you're interested, I have a short post on it in the "Repair & Restoration" thread. Cheers! http://forum.gibson....7-polish-by-bh/
  8. These days, playing live is but a fond memory engram surrounded in a "fuzzed purple haze". Yet, I'm still getting my "beat me daddy eight to the bar" thrill with a couple of new toys. I'm liking my new Boss ME-25 Multi Effect Pedal with its 60 sound memories and 60 sound libraries. Also included was access to Boss' "TONE CENTRAL" with loads of free patches available to download. I have to admit, for home use, this is a great get. They even throw in a decent DAW, Sonar LE. These goodies look to be interesting fun.
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