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  1. It's not horrible, but with all the gold worn off of the stop tail, I'd definitely check it for worn frets. I would cover those pickups with original style covers because plain black humbuckers scream cheap to me. Not a bad deal with the case though. I would travel around town a bit and especially the Guitar Center locations and see what they have. I would also take a small flashlight and a mechanics mirror to look at the pots, and ask if it's okay if you loosen the strings and look at the back of the humbuckers to make sure they're what he says they are. With the plain black faces they could be anything. If he balks at showing the backs of the pickups I would walk away.
  2. How is it warped? Which way? Forwards? Backwards? Twisted? Could it just need a truss rod adjustment? Pictures please. The tuning problem is probably the nut. Put some graphite in the nut slots and it will probably stay in tune. I've had an aftermarket Bigsby on my 1966 Harmony Rocket for about 20 years now. It stays perfectly in tune.
  3. Definitely a nice one. Keep an eye on that bridge though~! They have a tendency to lean forward over time. There is a taper on the mounting posts where they insert into the body, and the hole is straight drilled. I just pulled the posts out on a Dean Evo I just bought. I reset the posts in epoxy, and it seems to be rock solid so far. My poor Special single pickup model has the same issue, and same bridge. If they had graduated the drilling to match the taper, there would have never been an issue with this bridge. On the Special I am just going to reset the posts as well, but install a trapeze tailpiece. It actually works pretty well. On the Dean? Such a fine piece of mahogany needs a Bigsby. With a roller offset to fix the tuning stability. But yes! These P90 are dirty and mean under overdrive. Nice score!! The color is way cool. Mine is solid black. It's needs the trapeze for a little bling:-)
  4. That's what this one did. I barely pulled it. It reached the top of the click, and then kept going. Now it only does the volume. i am thankful it's not stuck on full blast.
  5. Maybe this? This headstock is still tapered, though thinner. It's also has a one piece pickguard, where I am fairly certain the one in question has a two piece. Close though. Maybe I am remembering wrong, and this might be the exact model. I am not all that interested in buying it, but I just thought it was worth mentioning, since it is so far off the usual Gibson grid of showpiece quality guitars. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-2017-sg-fusion-electric-guitar/j45018000002000?cntry=us&source=3WWRWXGP&gclid=CPGL5ZPpydACFRBEfgodoMMGaQ&kwid=productads-adid^156403583515-device^c-plaid^257596613515-sku^J45018000002000@ADL4MF-adType^PLA
  6. Not exactly. It has two pickups, and four knobs IIRC? It also has a two piece pickguard , that has a break in it. About the point where the normal pickguard ends, it has another one covering the area around the knobs and output jack. The neck is bolt on as far as I remember, of course it has been a few days. I have no idea what it is, but it has a Gibson headstock logo, and is being sold as new.
  7. They have an SG at a local Guitar Center, but it's unlike ANY new Gibson SG I've ever seen. Logo on the headstock is gold/copper color, not abalone. The headstock itself is bizarre. No taper top to bottom. Completely vertical parallel sides, and super thin side to side.. The paint on the body looks horrible. Like home painted bad, by someone with little experience. Lots of woodgrain showing in the finish, maybe even a sanding scratch here and there. Finish is orange peeled as well. Black finish. It has an abnormal pick guard shape, and is two pieces with a pickguard under the knobs and output jack as well. It has all the trappings for a new guitar, headstock stickers, etc. It's priced at $599? Never seen one of these before. Being sold as a new model, but looks like a home build from the 60's or early 70's jumped in a time machine. It's not on the website as far as I have seen?
  8. FINALLY here. Of course it has the removable pot shaft on the bridge volume issue. I will buying some high quality push/pull pots and getting both replaced by a qualified individual. The color scheme and flame top do the job enough, but it also sounds amazing, and plays like buttered butter with butter on it.
  9. Use an acoustic strap end up near the headstock?
  10. I was looking around for a new Epiphone Les Paul, and had all but decided on a new Traditional Pro in vintage burst. I like the older style finishes and colors. Well, last night I figured one last look on GC.com wouldn't hurt. Who knows, maybe the guitar I have been searching for might be out there somewhere. I was glazing over since it was late last night, and I was about on the 6-7th page of Epi Les Pauls. Scroll scroll scroll yawn, whoa! click... I was instantly in love with it. Flame maple desert burst, dark tan mahogany back. My jaw literally dropped. I had to have it. It's the color I've always wanted on an LP, and flame, and coil splitting. It's a 2014 Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro. I am probably going to spend a lot of time staring at this on the stand, lol!
  11. You might want to go get this guy too? The highest one of these has gone for recently on the bay, is $639. http://houston.craigslist.org/msg/5877531588.html
  12. I am not understanding why people are so down on this model of guitar? Before posting I did a little research, and it seems EVERYone thinks these are a total piece of junk and barely worth $150 at best. I don't get it, since they were made by Matsumoku, one of the premier Japanese mass production builders of the time period. That should suggest something totally different than what everyone is saying about them. I don't get it at all. What makes these such a hunk of junk? Is it pure snob factor since it was made in Asia and not the USA? I have a Matsumoku made solid body Vantage guitar, and it has just about the best quality and sound of all of my guitars. Yes, it sounds better than both my 93 Mexican Strat with Custom Shop Pickups, and my stock pickup Epiphone LP Standard. It can actually sound like both of those guitars, and does a better job at it.
  13. They're still guitars, and still cool. My plywood SG is one of my favorites, and I have more expensive brands and models. I kind of want one of these myself, honestly. HNGD! There are several around, but all are the younger generation type color of solid black end to end. Blecch!
  14. They seemed kind of limiting, unless you're doing mostly sliding jazz chords or classical style riffs, and not much bending. They seemed very stiff to me, but they did sound good.
  15. I've seen a lot of pawn shop epis lately with that headstock limited edition thing. I wonder how limited they actually are?
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