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  1. Hi I just bought a brand new Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Metallic Gold for $319. I will receive it next week. can somebody tell me if it was a good bargain and if it s a good guitar thnaks for the help
  2. Hi, i ve beeen playing for 2 years on my first guitar , a squier strat. the sound is awful but it was a good help and i enjoyed it. Now it s time to go real and to buy a real guiar. I m having hard time deciding between fender modern telecaster and Epiphone les paul standard. A friend of mine told me to wait and to save and buy a real gibson later .to buy the tele . But i keep on reading that the epiphone les paul is a great guitar and that it s very close . I mean of course i d love to have a real gibson but isnt it too early for me ? i m far from being a pro and i think an epi would be enough but i love as the telecaster modern HELP please
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