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  1. witout us the American's would not have TIM HORTON'S COFFEE.
  2. BFG 28


    thank's Hector LP GUITAR man that is one awsome finish on that paul. jnastynebr that is a beutifull blonde i love naturel finishes.
  3. BFG 28


    so there is a faded club, custom club and a trad club. so i thought i start a limited run club. post your guitar pron and any guitar can be welcome. here is my 2009 les paul standard in brimstone finish with gold hardwear.
  4. Gibson is most likeley going to set it up to there factory spec. and while in transport its going to change. i say if your that picky just do a set up yourself when u get it so u know its done right.
  5. Standard Brimstone Burst[biggrin]
  6. Well I figured a little more defence for Gibson would come out considering this is a Gibson form. in regards to hearing bad press on PRS, some company's are better at hideing it then other (eg TOYOTA!.)
  7. In regards to Gibson getting more bad press then PRS that could be the differance of Gibsons penitration to the market. Gibson has way more of the market vs PRS so in comparason they could both be in the same ratio of good to bad press just on differnt levels.
  8. that is why i love my paul there is just something to it that just rings and i dont mean the quality of the wood or build (all awsome) its something you just cant explain. Prs is a great guitar but its missing something.
  9. Say like a les paul standard or traditonal.
  10. Hey guys I have been gone for a while but im back. sorry work was a pain for a bit. anyway me and a few friends were haveing a group sesition about whats better a GIBSON LES PAUL OR A PRS SC245/250. I wanted to get your opinions to help us settle it I SAY LES PAUL IS WAY BETTER FOR MANY REASONS. FIRE AWAY PEOPLE. AND YES I KNOW THIS IS A GIBSON FORUM.
  11. im thinking of puting EMG's in my 09 standard 81 Bridge 60 neck. is this a sin? and no it has nothing to do with Zakk Wylde. i just like the tone of EMG's
  12. big time fake! the cutaway is badley done, sloted bridge hight adustment poles, rong type of screws for the trus rod cover all signs of a FAKE!!!!!!!!
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