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  1. If you dont step on a few toes you may as well stay in bed. :-k
  2. Dont know but I would give em a look if I could go the price.
  3. pbass54

    Gibson IV Bass

    WOW, Sweet Bass. How's it play/sound?
  4. Anyony know any thing about these? Ever play one or know someone who has one?
  5. pbass54

    New Bass

    I guess im lucky, as long as the bills are paid i can buy all the gear i want. I would anyway but it's nice to know she's cool with it.
  6. To all may fellow Gibson players, Merry Christmas to you and yours. My your home be filled with peace and love. And I hope you find that new Gibson under your tree.
  7. pbass54

    New Bass

    I only have three basses and two guitars. Im planing to buy a guitar from a friend but that will tap me out for a while.
  8. It sounds and plays great, the action is awesome. The finish is mint. Over all it's a great Guitar, I think im sold on it. Thanks to all.
  9. pbass54

    New Bass

    So are any members geting a new Bass for Christmas?
  10. He also put Grover Tuners on it.
  11. Yes but he swapted them for SD-P-90.
  12. This is for real, I have known him for years and he's a close friend of mine. He needs the money to buy another Guitar. But i'll check things out just the same. Thanks for the reply.
  13. A friend of mine has a 98 Les Paul Special, He said he would let me have it for $500.00. It's in mint condition and a hard case to boot. Is this a goog deal?
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