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  1. I'm a fan of the MXR Carbon Copy. Wasn't a fan of the Boss DD3.
  2. Hai guise, I have a 2005 Gibson LP Doublecut and wanted a PRS type natural binding. I took it to a pro shop close to me and this guy did a heck of a job. Tell me what you think.
  3. If you want true bypass, and you should, get the Korg Pitchblack.
  4. Use Google and call Gibson customer service.
  5. Marshall Guvnor No chorus pedal I use my amp reverb.
  6. fartz


    I haven't found that switching to resemble humbuckers, sadly. That switching seems to make my tone very muddy. I use either all bridge or all neck pickup.
  7. fartz


    I'd say $800 is too much.
  8. fartz


    I installed a bigsby on mine and am very happy how it turned out. I do like my vibrato in my Strat very much. I keep 5 springs and no backplate. Just little dips with the arm is all I do tho.
  9. fartz


    I love my Strat but like the tone of my SG better. I haven't played the Strat in awhile and may give it a whirl.
  10. Mixing up the scales to fit the way your message is intended to sound should be used by anybody.
  11. I thought this was a Metallica thread.
  12. As long as you don't want a distortion pedal, they are ok. I have one on my board but after a Guvnor.
  13. Looks great but the thread was ruined when you said "Anyhoo."
  14. My vote is no. Aside from the psychological problems the child may have, there is something twisted in the DNA of gays that makes them yearn for same sex and that can't be trusted.
  15. It's being hypersensitive to think that your tubes will get damaged from touching them. The people who think this are the same people who think your neck will break if you take all the strings off when changing them.
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