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  1. Not only escaping Gibson but through the distributor process quality control.......not buying it.
  2. Well when they work....they really work over there. Just got a new "2016" 175 that was built late in the year and the 708th guitar that came off the line that day. A really busy day. After working like that all year I can see why they are taking it sort of easy in 2017.
  3. My second 2016 model, first was a new 335. The quality coming out of Memphis is nothing less than amazing. I had to get the 175 I did. The strings are amazing. They ship with what looks like 11s from the brochure E: 1.1684mm / 0.052" A: 0.9144 mm / 0.042" D: 0.6604 mm / 0.032" G: 0.4318mm / 0.019" B: 0.3302mm / 0.014" e: 0.2540mm / 0.011" With a wound G I assume they are Brite Wires and I want to get the exact same strings. I love them with this guitar. I normally use DR Blues but when I get this set up professionally I want the same strings. Can someone tell me exactly what I have? Possibly a link. What a marvelous instrument.
  4. Couldn't have been happier with Sweetwater recently. My Salesman, Josh, went out of his way to help me. Even remembered talking to me over a year ago. Also followed up with a personal phone call after the sale. I am sure some of the others are good as well. Customer service seems to be something they are all taking seriously these days. This was a $3k instrument and I held my breath, but after going through the process there is no doubt in my mind that if anything went wrong I wouldn't have had to ask them to fix it....they would have volunteered.
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