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  1. Do you know when Gibson started to replace the Gibson ABR-1 by Nashville on SG Standard models? I think that actually Gibson ABR-1 is only for Custom Shop guitars Thanks
  2. Alfa Corse


    I tested many brands and I use Elixir 10-46. Sound stays bright, no rust and a very good feeling
  3. Alfa Corse

    SG neck angle

    May be this photo will help you
  4. I mean Alfa not diesel. Benzina power, right ?
  5. I will never sell my SG Standard Ltd edition, I' m in love with her
  6. Let' s go! Gibson SG Standard Ltd edition, 2000
  7. Sexy Guitar I saw this SG Standard ebony with vintage white pickguard. Very nice
  8. Hello, I want to buy a Les Paul Standard Ltd Edition Metallic Teal, those Gibson were made only year 2000 and only for US market. I have the SG Standard and I want to buy now the Les Paul Standard. Can you help me? Thanks Here is my SG Standard Have a look (big picture) http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/7214/img0022z.jpg :-
  9. VAS-Y GUITARE !!! Louis Bertignac et Paul Personne http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azm3-T8Iymc :-
  10. Gibson Deluxe tuners are Grover Deluxe and my SG stays in tune :- Check screws and nuts on your tuners.
  11. Alfa Corse

    Info on my SG

    Your SG is a Special Platinium
  12. I don' t think that you have to setup the trussrod. Adjust action with the bridge. Do you have much better picture of your vintage ebony GOTW Gibson '61 RI ?
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