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  1. seems to be gone now -I'm logged in & don't see it anywhere.
  2. I think these were all made for a boutique internet outfit called something like Private Reserve - bought several years ago by MF. I emailed about buying one new - was quoted 1800 at the time.
  3. Hey Will - well I passed the J45 on to a new owner last week.I'm past the point of playing dread size guitars. The new owner has another 1994 with the same nitro lift, so wasn't fazed by tgat at all. It's in good, appreciative hands! Frank

  4. 12 fret Nick Lucas (maybe Quilted) mahogany, abalone rosette & purfling.NL inlays, fleur de lis headstock. 1 3/4" nut; short scale;no v in neck, burst (maybe full body burst if it worked with the figuring on the mahogany)..
  5. Hey Wily - welcome back - I've also taken to lurking more than posting; I'm Gibson free as of last week (unless you count my Epi Casady bass or my Fairbanks NL). Been in de-GASsing mode this year :-)
  6. Mine's a Jan. 3 1995 serial #.: http://music.jeffers...5%20Deluxe.html
  7. Yes - but Clapton is inducted as both.Given that, Bruce deserves an individual spot. A giant talent. Actually, same for Lou Reed & VU - no John Cale. BTW, OP - thanks for the Doc Watson clip - never woulda thunk that existed!
  8. They aren't?! That is incredible. I went & had a look - there's no Procol Harum or King Crimson either. Yes is under consideration this year. or Quicksilver. or Jack Bruce and a bunch of others.
  9. I know there's a lot of love for the Waterloos, but I've tried a couple and they don't speak to me.
  10. I had one of the 12 fret 2006 mahogany Gibson reissues. terrible QC - immediately needed a new tuner & the nut was cut so badly I had a new one installed as soon as I got it. There was a thread here way back then with another owner with the same issue. Beautiful looking - hohum (but not bad) tone. Note - back then I said: "This is a great sounding bluesy guitar, exhibiting everything you would expect from a Gibson deep body OO." Actually, I'm a little chagrined by that - subsequent experience has led me to re-evaluate, but then, it makes one realize that such claims
  11. If my Fairbanks Nick Lucas is any measure, those SJs will be serious guitars!
  12. I haven't bonded with any of the natural top (recent edition) J35s that I've tried. But my FVG J35 was the best Gibson that I've owned. And a custom "Collector's Edition" I played at Fuller's in January was it's equal.
  13. I posted that link over there - it lead to someone actually commenting: "I knew it! Thought it sounded like a hog j45, but you can hear the clarity of the non-sunburst. " Hopefully tongue in cheek!
  14. no one should be banned - let anarchy reign! Just don't read his posts if they don't fit your Weltanschauung...
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