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  1. I have to agree with you, sounded preachy to me. Buc is a hell of a musician so maybe he can just play anything.
  2. I love Gibson and Martin and I sure wouldn't mind owning either of those.
  3. A properly installed wall hanger is not going to pull out of a wall. Buy a stud finder and learn how to use it, pre-drill a hole for your screw and you can tell if you have hit wood or not. I had an ES-335 and Strat hanging for years on a Hercules wall hanger with no problems. I think this tan line issue could be a combo of sun and the rubber reacting to the finish. Hang that beauty on a Hercules wall hanger and call it a day, the closing arms when the guitar hanger has weight on it are pure genius.
  4. Loved it Sal. What is on your 13th and 15th fret on your d-15? I have a D-15S and am always surprised how well it holds it's own among a nice stable of Gibson's and Martins.
  5. As a no skilled hack I guess I have to say I can't feel anything. I started trying to play at 33 and can still read some simple music from grade school so at least I can entertain my kids. I wish nothing more than to be a proficient player I just firmly believe it is somewhat of a gift. I refuse to ever stop playing and I enjoy struggling through it for the most part. I like to say I can play better than most of the world, just not better than most guitar players. For you guys who are great I really enjoy listening.
  6. Here's my SJ-300 I think it has just the right amount of bling. Any more and I find it a little distracting.
  7. The allure of our new home is an office to hang a few up. I enjoy looking at them and quite often after reading a few posts on here I can't wait to play them. Life is short, I want to enjoy them as much as possible and hopefully seeing them and hearing them will inspire the sons to give it a go when they get older.
  8. Great story!! My skills are weak and I would love to have stuff like that happen. I'm in my late thirties and my toddler sons are my only fans!! It's a good life.
  9. I thought that was excellent!!! Thanks!!
  10. While not a dread my L-1 has a 25" scale which is right in between a short scale and a standard length. It works well for it.
  11. Maybe I'll take a black sharpie to my Robert Johnson, that sure is a sweet looking guitar. Any difference besides the adi top from a Robert Johnson L-1?
  12. OWF the combination of the neck shape, nut width and the 12 frets make it extremely playable! It's a lifetime keeper for sure. Hell aren't they all.
  13. I own a few Martins and Gibson's and I must say my D15S is truly impressive. I prefer it over my D18GE and J-45RW for what it's worth.
  14. I've had a bunch of Gibson's hanging from Hercules hangers for 6 years and no issues. I think they are the best wall hanger available!! I have a Hercules tri-stand I use every once in a while and no problems there either. I threw out all my other stands because the sock thing looked silly.
  15. I really want a D-18VS, I have a D-15S and love the feel of the 12 fret dread. It's such a comfortable guitar to play and I'm always impressed with the way it sounds.
  16. I gotta side with Jerry on this. Why would you ship an expensive guitar with no case, that makes NO sense. Best of luck. I had a guitar damaged by UPS that was packed poorly by the seller. $5,000 custom I waited on for a year so trust me I feel your pain.
  17. Wish I could play my RJ like that. I was playing it this evening before coming on the forum and I was thinking what a comfy little guy it is to play.
  18. Sounds like a great time!! Wish he'd come to California.
  19. Great job, tough work I'm sure. At the cost of a torn rotator cuff not really worth it. You should have got one of them guys that stand in front of Home Depot to help!
  20. Great point Mersey if we have another boy they are sharing for a while. We find out in 5 weeks. I really hope it's a boy. I shared a room with my brother until we moved out and we are very close to this day.
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