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  1. No, but I've switched from nickel wrapped steel to pure nickel on other guitars in the past (strats) and didn't notice this much of a difference. Maybe the combination of the two?
  2. My '04 Standard weighs in at 9.5 lbs.
  3. Replaced the original on my '04 Epi LP Standard with an aluminum stop bar tailpiece (also a set of pure nickel strings) and now have what seems to be a warmer tone. Anyone have the same experience or am I hearing things?
  4. As to what it is....a monstrosity.
  5. I've been using a heavier gauge string (11-50) on my Epi Les Paul Special II with good results. Tried the top wrapping technique and am also satisfied with it but noticed that the stud inserts for the tailpiece is pulling up slightly from the body with the increased tension and angle. Prior to restringing I'd noticed that the stud insert on the treble side was up slightly and tried hammering back down flush with the body with no results. After restringing and top wrapping, noticed the bass side pulling up slightly as well. Don't know if this should be something of concern or not or if it's just my guitar OCD annoying me. Anyone else have this situation?
  6. Bought 3 vintage grommet tuner bushings from Stew Mac to replace 3 missing ones on a '67 Harmony Rocket III. After I received them I realized that I should have ordered the relic versions instead of the standard nickel as the original bushings were discolored and aged. I realize that I can order the reliced versions but that's another 10 bucks in shipping for items that cost 80 some cents apiece when I could probably just relic the initial ones I ordered, I'm just not aware of the type of solution I should soak them in to get the aged effect I need. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. There were a couple of these in my local music store (since closed) in the Nineties. Always made a point of playing them when I was there. Lovely necks. Squier ought to bring them back.
  8. I have a 2004 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top in Honeyburst. Very nice guitar. Switched out the Grovers for Gibson Deluxe. Replaced the plastic nut with bone. I also have an ax out in the garage that I bought to chop down some hedges in front of my house years ago. Only used it a couple of times since.
  9. That's lovely. I'm jealous.
  10. The method I use which has always worked well is using two teaspoons, one under each side of the knob, for leverage, and pushing up on the knob.
  11. Must agree with you 100% here. Some really absurd and ridiculous guitars have come from Gibson in the last decade or so, with absurd and ridiculous price tags to match.
  12. Sometime later I sent the serial number to Epiphone with my query, they told me according to their records this guitar has a honeyburst finish. Just glad it doesn't look like standard honeyburst. Wouldn't have bought it.
  13. If either Epiphone or Gibson toggle caps are too large, what I do is put some wraps of plumber's teflon tape around the threads of the toggle switch then put the cap on. I've done it more times than I can remember. Works fine. If too small I use a small, round jeweler's file to enlarge the hole in the cap.
  14. For polishing I use Meguier's Scratch X 2.0. Granted, I initially bought it to use to eradicate some scratches I inadvertently put on a guitar while making a repair but I discovered that it does a great job as a polish and protectant. I usually put on 2 to 3 coats. Wonderful stuff.
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