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  1. I've a Allen Woody & a Viola bass. I've moved to short scale due to neck/shoulder surgery. Recently, I've found that that position of the strap pin on the Viola (directly behind the neck's heel) sets the fret board in a more comfortable position (compared to the upper bout, like most every other bass).

    How bad of a decision would it be, to put a locking strap pin, onto the heel of the neck of the Allen Woody Rumblekat... is it possible to find the "spot"... the "right spot"?


    Mr. Fret Buzz

  2. Although the scale of the neck is "short scale"... due to the configuration of the trapeze tail end it is actually a "medium scale"... I purchased a set of Fender flats Medium Scale strings (by accident) & they fit fine... unlike the La Bella shortscale tape wounds I did purchase intentionally, which fit as you described.

    (the Fenders sound pretty pretty good, too.

    just FYI...

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