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  1. Soon its going to be "gibsonspace" or "mygibson" and then once that dies maybe "faceson" or "gibook"
  2. sorry for getting back to this so late been busy with school, anyways my budget is anything below a grand.
  3. I don't have the money to spend on a custom manson guitar so I have disregarding .
  4. Thanks for the assurance axe, always appreciated and I know that it's a manson but I'm just trying to find that shape but with a different set up and hardware.
  5. I can't tell if that's sarcasm or if you are being serious
  6. Does anyone know of a guitar that has the same shape, and with available features like black paint, and hotter pickups? Thank you for the help if you can.
  7. Well if I plug my guitar into my pedal it'll add unwanted feed back so that wouldn't help
  8. Hello. I am using amplitube with a me me-70 boss multieffects pedal and im using a Yamaha mw10c audio interface. How can I set this up so I van have my les pauls out put into the yamahas input and through amplitube and then through my me-70 without having two layers of my sound. Right now I get two layers one through the me-70 and distortion from amplitube and then another with just amplitube and no me-70. How do I get one layer of sound so I can properly use it as one loop.
  9. I have a martin dreadnought model and my bass player dropped the bass on my guitar leaving a dent and at the bottom a crack what do I do
  10. Do any of you guys, and girls have this effects processor. If so, i would like to hear your feedback on it. You know, like is it worth money. The quality of the effects and what not
  11. would be able to tell from a youtube video if there was a problem with it?
  12. wait if you could decribe the problem you had with you 5050, how would you decribe it?
  13. well i brought it to them and they said nothing was wrong with it but it cant be a bad tube. becuase it does it on both tubes
  14. its almost like a very harsh sound. overdone
  15. well it affected the sound but i still have that weird extremely disorted buzzing/feedback thing
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