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  1. This so far has been the best combination for me...Orange AD140 3/4 stack and my Vintage Hotrod '52 Telecaster. Dark amp, bright guitar.
  2. Posted awhile ago about doing this, got everything in a few weeks ago and finally got to gig it this weekend, very happy with the transformation! Promised a pic and didn't get around to it, so here it is. Les Paul Standard Faded with a Bigsby and Gretsch style pickups from TV Jones.
  3. It took a month, but the Bigsby finally came in last week and the TV Jones pickups arrived yesterday. After only an hour or so on the workbench I had both installed and I've got to say that I'm beyond happy with the transformation! The tone is quite "jangly" now clean and strummed chords have fantastic articulation. When I bring the gain on my stack up it takes on an almost P90-ish classic rock tone without any hum or squealing feedback, and the guitar simply loves fuzz pedals now which is great 'cause I do too! I should have a pic or two up tomorrow!
  4. In my experience which I'll admit isn't as vast as a lot of members here (I've owned maybe 30 different electrics and only 10 or so have been what people consider to be 'high end') , it doesn't matter what company, model or price range you look at, there's going to be studs and duds, either that singular instrument works for you personally or it doesn't.
  5. Quick question for all the other standard faded owners...how quick is the finish wearing off yours? I've had mine about two years and the back of the neck and where my forearm rubs the finish is all but gone already...I gig four nights a week or so, and I do get the guitar covered in sweat most nights.
  6. This looks cool for sure! Recently saw "Fuzz: The Sound That Changed the World" and it was a pretty cool documentary on pedals in general, you might enjoy that as well.
  7. Thank for the help guys, after researching the options laid out I'm thinking I'll go with the K&K Mini Western. All the reviews are pretty glowing and the sound clips I've found are great. Really liking the idea of not having to worry about batteries too! The M1 sound clips are really good as well and a few acoustic guys I like seem to be using it (Ray Lamontagne, Jeff Tweedy, even Paul Simon!) but I think the look of it would bug me after awhile. I know sarcasm can be hard to convey in writing, but as for the Dean Markley Pro Mag, I'm hoping the sarcasm is as clear as I think it is! I've seen so many guys (bar band guys, not pros) use those live and it's gotta be the worst sounding acoustic pickup going. Speaking of which I tried my friends Fishman Neo-D in it at a gig this weekend and after one song I had to switch back to my other acoustic, that pickup just sounded weird and the 60 cycle hum was almost as loud as the actual signal. Anyways, thanks again, big help!
  8. It took me years to finally get on the volume knob bandwagon, better late than never! Now it's easily my favorite "effect".:D
  9. Two days ago I came across a really beat up Gibson Gospel acoustic from the 90's in a hock shop, it needed some love so I managed to get it very cheap and I want to use it as a beater for playing bar gigs. I've already fixed all the small issues with it and it turned out to be a really nice sounding guitar, now I just need to get a pickup in it. My other acoustic has a D-Tar wavelength piezo in it and it does sound pretty good to me, less quacky than alot of the piezo pickups I've had in the past, but in reality I know pretty much nothing about acoustic pickups. Any suggestions for what to slap in? I just want a flat natural tone and I'd rather not alter anything cosmetically about the guitar other than installing the input jack at the back strap pin. I have an LR Baggs paracoustic DI with all the usual preamp controls on it, so pickups with extra fly-wheels and such are kind of overkill. I'm not overly concerned about price range of the pickup since I paid next to nothing for the guitar in the first place. Thanks!
  10. My first Les Paul (unfortunately stolen at a gig) had a factory Bigsby and to me it not only looks cool but was something I used alot. Sometimes out of habit I still send my hand fishing for the one that isn't there on my new Paul. As for the pickups I'm more of a chord strummer than shredder on guitar and I want my chords to have more clarity than I'm getting from the burstbuckers. Thundergod, that pickguard idea is interesting for sure, I wonder how far off the fit of an actual Gretsch pickguard is from a Gibson one...
  11. I'd say get your local dealer to set it up for you, if they also agree that something's off about the neck, just send it back for a replacement.
  12. Yesterday I ordered a set of TV Jones Classic pickups and a Bigsby vibrato to transform my Les Paul Standard Faded into a well...sort of a mutant Gibson Les Paul/ Gretsch Duojet hybrid. I'd already swapped out the tuners for a set of locking Grovers, but that was only because I broke two of the original tuners in a moment of stupidity. Pretty excited to see how well it works out!!
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