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  1. Happened to catch Epiphone's current Featured Artist Margo Price. on Austin City Limits Sat night. Good set, nice guitar, looked like a Hummingbird? Gibson, though, not Epiphone. She was followed by Hayes Carll, also playing a Gibson.
  2. Thanks El Capitan. I don't remember what picture, if any, is on the packet but I figured the strings might not be top quality. I think I'll put them on my old Washburn and see how they sound. My Epiphone jumbo doesn't really need strings yet and I'm still trying to decide what I want to try on that one.
  3. I just received the Epiphone Accessory Pack that was due for purchasing an Epiphone acoustic in October. It came with 2 sets of strings, one acoustic 12-53 and one electric 10-46. My question is does anyone know anything about these strings since there is no info as to the composition, whether phosphor-bronze, nickel, etc. I didn't now Epiphone made strings, maybe they contract these out? Thanks, Bernie
  4. James, remember to unplug your guitar if you play through an amp as the battery may drain when plugged in even if you're not using it.
  5. I'm afraid all I can say is it's a pretty nice-looking guitar. Looks a bit like an early 90's Washburn I have.
  6. I tried again to send a message to the e-mail you provided and for some reason this time it went through. I guess I'll wait to see if I get a response from them this time. Thanks
  7. I received an Epiphone EJ200 as a birthday gift a little while back and since my birthday was in early October the purchase qualified for Epiphone's promotional Free Accessory Pack. It's been close to 2 months and nothing yet. A call to the phone number provided did nothing. Anyone else buy a guitar in October and put in for this offer? I'm just wondering if 7 or 8 weeks is not too long and I'm just being impatient? Thanks, Bernie
  8. I've recently gotten a new EJ200SCE and have been looking into various humidifiers. I see here on the forum and in other research that the types that go into the guitar's sound hole seem to be the most popular and efficient. I have what may be a dumb question: When using one of these, whether a Dampit, or Planet Waves packs or anything else can you store your guitar in the case with the case standing up on its side or does it need to be flat on the floor to prevent any leaking? Thanks, Bernie
  9. That's a great story! I love the soundhole motif.
  10. Thanks to everyone for your responses and help. As I said the sustain on the guitar is exceptional as it is though changes to action and/or string gage may increase it even further. As I play it more it's beginning to seem like the strings are a bit dead, almost muffled at times. The guitar arrived from Sweetwater in excellent condition, even in tune after shipping. They seem to do a good job of going over the instruments but I don't think they re-string? Maybe the strings have been on there a while just sitting unplayed. So maybe new strings is the place to start. I know a lot of people don't even play a new guitar before re-stringing. I just hate changing strings. (Do love those first few hours with a new set, though). Thanks again Bernie
  11. Thanks Question Mark and Old Cowboy. It's only been just under three weeks I've had it and I'm trying to play it at least a bit every day. I guess I'll wait a bit longer and see how it develops. Bernie
  12. Hi, I'm new to the forum and I just got an Epiphone EJ200SCE as a birthday gift. For the most part I've been enjoying this guitar, the sustain goes on forever and you can really feel the chords vibrate through the guitar right into you. This is my first acoustic guitar in almost 30 years and for the last 10 or so I've rarely picked up my old Washburn so playing acoustic everyday again has been an adjustment in itself. The thing is I can't help feeling that I'm not getting the most out of this thing. It seems like there is a lot of untapped potential in there. I was wondering if anyone had ideas as to whether a string change or adjustment might be the way to go, or both? I'll show my ignorance and ask if lowering the action on a jumbo like this would open up the tone by allowing the strings to vibrate more freely or would raising it be better to increase volume and tone? Along the same lines would a lighter or heavier gage string be more responsive on this particular guitar? I think the factory strings are D'Addario 12-52. I'm not having trouble playing it aside from the differences switching from my Tele to this one so it doesn't need the action lowered for that reason it just seems like it's almost there missing some special ingredient. Hope this makes sense, thanks for reading. Bernie Fitz
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