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  1. Back of the headstock. The other pics I have are too big to upload.
  2. Hi everyone I've seen a SG for sale where the buyer says it's a 1973 but the serial number is missing off the headstock. But it all looks kinda genuine apart from... 1. Small gap between bridge pickup and bridge? 2. Pickup selector too close to pickguard? Or maybe just a replacement pickguard? 3. No washers to stoptail, although I have seen that before. Anything else stand out? Looks ok? Walk away? Thanks.
  3. Hello, Anyone bought one of the new 2017 LP Standard T's? I need a picture of inside the wiring cavity- anyone can put one up? Cheers.
  4. Dude, that's a beauty!! How you liking the fancy electrics? All easy to use and work? Are you getting smooth volume change between 1-10?
  5. Many thanks for your comments, much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for your comments. I've been to GuitarGuitar in Epsom, met the man, who indeed is vey nice and clever and lefty focussed. They did have a good selection of lefties when I went which was a nice change - I've been in some big stores which have no lefties, none, zilctch, nadda. Some stores will order guitars, but normally only if you agree to buy them, and as some lefties are limited runs, they arnt always available to order. Its a challenge for sure.
  7. No such thing as a dumb question my friend. I'm sure the R6 has different/better P90's, but also the body is solid and dense and so will make a difference to the sound. I was hoping for some positive hands-on replies from people, but most are rather negative unfortunately.
  8. Thanks for your comment. Listening to youtube is not the same as being in the shop playing. Being left handed does make a difference to the buying experience- pretend you go into a shop, all the guitars are left handed, including a version of the one you want. So you get the assistant to play it or you, then you go away and find one online and buy it. Really? Would you? Well, welcome to the world of being left handed. I've tried a right handed version of a lefty guitar I wanted, and then ordered online hoping it feels ok when it arrives. So the purpose of this post was to get opinions, positive ones, not negative ones that state the flippin obvious.
  9. Thanks, yes the pickups are key, but also the R6 is slightly heavier than the R7 but you do notice it. Problem is that I'm left handed and so hard to find any to try. And when I say hard, I mean impossible.
  10. Thanks for this. However, being left handed, its not as simple as just going and playing. I've held an R6 and R7 but both were right handed. Hence asking for some opinions. But thanks for your.
  11. Hi. So, which would you buy and why? A 2010 R7 with Monty's PAFS or 2013 R6 with P90's? Both goldtops, both in v good condition, both with all the papers/case etc. Need some help guys to make the choice.
  12. Hi. I'm thinking of getting a 2010 R7 Goldtop, left handed, but so far I've only managed to find a right handed version in the UK, which I've picked up and had a twiddle with, but not actually played obviously. Are there any left handed R7 owners on here?
  13. Thanks for you imput. You have to consider the lefty factor though- the Burns is for sale still but you cant get a lefty with the maple neck AND fretboard, and mine has aged to a lovely golden colour. Very hard to find. Same with the Iommi SG- its the only I've ever seen in the flesh, so had to buy it. Yes you can buy a new one, but I don't like them as I prefer the all black older version, with only a few fretboard 'cross' markers. So those two cant be easily replaced, the others can. Over the last 4 years I have been buying and selling guitars to pay for my own collection, so all the ones I have are paid for, so yes I could start again and build up, so that's definitely an option. Over the next few days im going to go to a few guitar shops, see if I can find an R7 to try, obviously right handed, see what this fat neck is like. I tried an R8 and R9 yesterday, loved them, so not too worried but ive heard the R7 neck is just a bit fatter. Thanks again. And have a Happy Christmas.
  14. Wow, how cool to have met the man. I've seen a video of a set being opened and the packaging detail is wonderful, with wax seals and hand written notes! But your point regards attachment is very valid- I've spent time getting guitars I think are special, so I would like to keep them all, however most can still be bought new, its just the SG and Burns that cant be replaced, along with the Les Paul Goldtop, but obviously that would be replaced by a better one. Oh how these things bewitch us!!
  15. I hear what you are saying, but being a leftie makes it harder as normally you cant find them, and then they usually go quickly. So my big worry is that if I pass on this one, it will go and another wont crop up in the UK ever again. I know I'm being daft, as I have a nice collection already, but this one is calling! The Force is strong!!
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