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  1. Hello, recently saw this 2009 Ebony Standard with coil splits, slim taper neck and ebony fretboard. I tried to find reviews or videos about it, and all I could find was the white version of it, there was even a website listing the colors of these standards with coil splits and no mention of ebony. Has anyone ever come in contact with one these?
  2. Hello fellow gibson owners. I have my eyes on a LP tribute which has a crack on the neck along the fretboard, close to the headstock. The seller is asking 30% less for it, it also shows signs of wear which is ok with me, especially being a satin finish LP. Is this an easy fix? Should I stay away?
  3. Hi folks, I am brazilian and about to shell out a good amount for a black beauty here in the tropics, still I am not so sure about the guitar, you know, it seems legit, but I could not find much about it online, my questions are: is it the real deal? How much is it worth in dollars? Thanks in advance. I tried to attach some pics, but it does not seem to work , so here goes the link http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-738880301-gibson-custom-shop-black-beauty-arthistoric-propostas-_JM
  4. mjeffbr

    SG GT

    man, how beautiful can a guitar be? getting of these is like having jolie at home hehe
  5. i guess it has to with the style, more complex things cannot be performed well if you r too stoned, unless your really good and not excessively high hehe, personally i might have more fun stoned but technically is not a good idea
  6. wow, 50 gibsons? that's a life full of achievements hehe, this is my first and had to pay through the nose to get it, considering the taxes we pay in brazil, about 2500 USD so you can imagine how desperate I am, thank you so much for the info, it would be too much to have both my gibson and my jcm break the same month!
  7. so, nothing else happened? do u still own that guitar?
  8. Hello friends, yesterday I changed the strings after a long period not really playing electric guitars, put Elixir 0.10, as far as I can remember the old strings were 0.10 too, but not Elixir. Well today I noticed the mark of the Stop Tailpiece screw on the paint, and I can see it looks like cracking, as if it was pulling out, can only be noticeable on the heavy strings screw but I'm panicking here! What would the cause of this be - humidity, tension I leave it either on the stand or in the case, it's a Standard, made in 2006 Any help will be much appreciated pics http://i577.photobucket.com/albums/ss218/mjeffbr/26032009320.jpg http://i577.photobucket.com/albums/ss218/mjeffbr/26032009322.jpg http://i577.photobucket.com/albums/ss218/mjeffbr/26032009323.jpg
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