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  1. Lizzard dude do you have these pics posted with your description page?

  2. These are some photos of my dad's guitar, he always said it was a Gibson, but I can't seem to find a model that looks like it at all. It kinda has that Melody Maker headstock (but no logo) and knob / toggle positioning, but the jack position looks wrong and it has two humbuckers, plus that pick guard is way different. It's quite possible it's not a Gibson, I really don't have a clue, but I'd love to know. My dad had this guitar a long time, it was covered in bumper stickers and pretty roughed up when he got it. It's really not pretty, but it plays well and sounds good for a guitar that had its headstock cracked on more than one occasion. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated, thank you in advance! -Chris
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