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  1. Just picked her up and, unfortunately, can't play her as I'm traveling in South America, while she and the new Carr Mercury amp are stored in Chicago. Hopefully, on my next leg to the UK, she'll be with me AND, as beautiful as she is, she plays even better! Cheers, Trow
  2. I have a 1963 79 RVT Stereo Amp in Brown Tolex with the original schematics, receipt, etc. that I received when I purchased my '60 ES-345 TD. These amps are great!
  3. "I spend enough on guitars. I ain't givin any more for a dying forum." Hear, hear Brother, I'm just about done, this sight is way too frustrating. You'd think Gibson would care! Trow
  4. Okay, here's where we should challenge or, perhaps I should say de-challenge ourselves. Who can mimic this guy's writing? I was going to attempt a funny retort but couldn't get the flow nor the words going. Who can write our, this forum's, reply to Curtis in Curtispeak? Perhaps we can have a contest with the best example winning the Page LP!!!!!!!!!??????????????
  5. I know this isn't the appropriate place to post this, but this is where I tend to "hang-out". Also, I suspect this may actually be a Gibson sponsored forum and, if the case, this is appalling! If not, and as stated below, is there a PayPal option to donate money for additional Bandwidth? Forgive my impertinence, but who runs/owns this forum? Getting a page to load or simply trying to surf around is extremely frustrating and describing it as slow would be a HUGE compliment! Reminds me of when I first had home Internet and dialed-up/logged-in at 28.8KBPS, but this is actually slower.
  6. Take it back, return it or whatever, this is totally unacceptable and shoddy workmanship to boot. Better yet, contact Gibson directly and gently ask WTF? Seriously though, if it were me, purchased used, happy with it and not experiencing any intonation or unusual string thru the nut problems, I'd let it go and enjoy her. If it was, in fact, purchased as new then this really is unacceptable and would not only bother me a great deal it would also have me questioning why this wasn't sold as a "2nd." and why I didn't get it for a song. Please let us know what you decide and what steps
  7. After lurking around here for a while and quickly getting LPGAS, I had an opportunity yesterday to play and behold a couple of Murphy-aged beauties, a 50th. Anniversary and the Bloomfield. They also had a Jeff Beck in Ox Blood and though I’m a huge fan, past, present and seemingly future, I was simply not interested in JB’s rather odd axe. Anyway, long story short, I did not pull the trigger but it did peak my interest in acquiring something special to play and record with. As this forum was unavailable most of last evening, after a couple of key strokes I came across an interesting ne
  8. That sure is a beauty Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Forgive my impertinence as I’m rather new here, but someone recently posted about a removable pick guard that is elevated by a ball-shaped, non-permanent gel, while still attaching to the pick-up rings. I've personally never used the pick guard that used to come attached to all LPs, but now that I'm hankerin' for a new "old" one, I would definitely want to check this removable one out! ...Bueller? ...Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? Trow
  10. In the mid 80s I stumbled across an apartment sale in Chicago's DePaul neighborhood and immediately noticed a chipboard guitar case leaning in the corner. Upon opening the case I discovered what turned out to be a 1966 Gibson SG Jr. with an added Badass bridge but, other than that, remarkably clean in a sweet cherry finish. I asked "how much?” the young lady demurely said “$10”, I quickly paid her and left. This single pick-up beauty became my “couch” guitar, you know, the one that’s always next to wear you sit for easy pickin’ and noodlin’ while watching TV. Anyway, long story short, a
  11. Call me old-school or no-school, but when I plug in it's just that - plugging in. No effects, just a cord from my LP or Tele plugged directly into my '65 Fender Twin or Mesa Boogie MKIV. Granted, the Boogie has channel switching, overdrive, etc. but even when playing through the Twin, I just like it raw and real. How 'bout you, what's your set-up and, if played "raw" what are your secrets? Cheers! Trow
  12. Looks fantastic! In fact, if she sounds half as good as she looks, it must be killer!!!! Forgive my newbie ignorance, but who does this aging you're referring to, what does it cost, how long does it take, etc.? Thanks and cheers! Trwo
  13. I'd be happy to take some photos, I don't know how or where to post them however!
  14. How about this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200343822655&sspagename=ADME%3AL%3ALCA%3AUS%3A1123&viewitem=&salenotsupported Thoughts, comments, good buy, etc.?
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