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  1. My studio is exactly the same as your black one. Everytime I try and post a picture it says it'/s too big though
  2. Yes and Epiphones are licensed by Gibsons. Point I''m making is both (cars and guitars) are of excellent quality but there':s a reason why one brand of each subject is much dearer than the other and that's the difference in quality.
  3. That's exactly the point I was making.
  4. Volkswagon Vs Audi for me. Both great cars but the Audi is just better in every department.
  5. For what it's worth, I'm not a very experienced player and know very little about guitars but I went to buy a plus top last week and there was also a studio there. I played both and even with my relatively inexperienced ears I could tell there was a difference in sound quality in the two guitars that were priced exactly the same although the Epiphone was brand new and pretty and the studio is matt black with a headstock repair. It took my 5 minutes to know I wanted the studio as it sounded so much better.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, everyone, I picked up a Line 6 Spider IV he gave it me for £100 with a strap and lead! I had a little play and got a nice "Clashy" sound from it but all the pre-sets and stuff are learning me about tones and different ways to play. I've been learning some Stones, Floyd and Beatles stuff as well as some early rock and roll on it and it's already helping my playing style. I'm going to play it for 6 months or so then buy a 5 watt tube also and have both amps. More I think about it, if I don't try and play different stuff I'll never get any better. Alls I can play is punk stuff, I'm lost with anything else so I'm going to try and improve and the effects on it are good.
  7. Thanks guys, appreciate the advice, I''ll look into them. The guy inthe shop is trying to sell me a Line 6 Spider IV. I was looking at a Vox but he says this is just as good?? There's a Mesa in there but he wants £650 and he says it's far too big for what Ibwant and it doesn't come alive until it's turned up past a certain volume. Decision decisions. I love the Studio though, I can't stop looking at at!!!
  8. Hi there everyone, new here so be gentle! I have recently acquired a 1992 studio and would like some advice of what amp I should get for the type of stuff I want to play if anyone could help. Background information is I am not very good on the guitar I'm relatively new to playing and the story goes that I was going to buy an Epiphone Les Paul from my local music store but when I got there, there was a Studio that had had a headstock break, the repair has been done professionally to the point the guy had to point out to me it had been repaired and is guaranteed by the shop so I know it's not a problem it's been damaged (for what I want it for anyway) I got it for £380 which was what I was going to pay for a Plus Top so I figured why not get the real thing. I know it's probably wasted on someone like me who is probably classed as an intermediate guitar player. I can play a few tunes here and there but I really do want to start playing properly. I want to play mainly Clash stuff, some Stiff Little Fingers, New York Dolls, Ramones. Pistols (you get the picture) and I'm only playing it in my house for me so no intention of ever gigging and I only really want to spend around £300-400 on the amp and if possible get a tube amp. Any help from you guys who know what you're doing would be much appreciated as it's an absolute maze of amplifiers out there to choose from and to someone like myself who hasn't the slightest idea what I'm talking about I could do with some guidance. Thanks in advance John
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