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  1. https://rockshop.hardrock.com/Mens/Departments/Tops/product/GIBSON%20MENS%20DOVE%20T%20BLACK%20GBM004/
  2. My 2001 SongBird Deluxe has the '60's slim-taper neck which I absolutely love! The best neck profile (IMHO)Gibson ever made! That's my vote!
  3. Ditto! Never heard of a "deluxe" SJ. A Norlan-era offering perhaps?
  4. Yea, very nice BluesKing777! I can only add one constructive criticism: lose the C.F.Martin t-shirt!!!
  5. GREAT JOB, Drathbun! I had forgot all about "Wandering" by JT. You did a fantastic job. Great songs and great playing. I love the editing! You're just a "jack-of-all-trades"!
  6. Thanks, Deuce! I appreciate the "attaboy". I'll be posting some more clips pretty soon.
  7. Sure is a LOUD mandolin, TennRoots! A lot of volume! What make? Our mando player in our bluegrass band plays a Gibson F-5. That one you have sure sounds good! BTW, good job!
  8. First one EVER. I just sing and play live all the time. Never did any recording at all. Or posting any!
  9. OK, hope this works! It's my first audio clip (gulp!) I played my True Vintage Southern Jumbo for the rythymn and lead parts, sang lead vocal and harmony. Mixed it at my friend's house who plays guitar with me in the bluegrass band. The lead guitar part in the background is also the SJ/TV but with Hall#1 Reverb added. The pic in the video is my SJ/TV. Hope ya'll like it!
  10. Hey Anne! I did succeed in converting it to an MP3 file. Even made a movie with Windows Movie Maker (just a picture with the music added). Still can't get it here or YouTube. I'll keep trying!
  11. Ok guys, here's the deal. I haven't made a video or got a YouTube thingy, but I recorded a song. I used my SJ TV. I played both the rythymn and lead parts. I also sang lead and the harmony parts. It was mixed on my buddy's computer (CakeWalk or Sonar). I have the CD here with me. How can I get it from this CD in my hand to you guys here on the Forum? I think the recording is decent, but I guess thats up to ya'll! I'm just a guitar picker, not a computer geek. So if ya'll can help me out, you can hear what I sound like!
  12. Not much to add. I agree with Node on this, one of the cheapest improvements that can be made to improve volume, tone and sustain. I do, however, love Elixer strings. PB Nano lights. I've tried all the others, I kept going back to Elixers. They do it for me! +1 on Bob Colosi's pins and saddles!
  13. That was an outstanding review! Very informative. You answered a lot of questions I had about the ToneRite. Keep the reviews coming and welcome to the Forum!
  14. As already posted, the finish checking comes from sudden changes in temperature and humidity by the wood in your guitar. The expanding and contracting causes the the finish to crack. I'm very careful to let my guitars acclamate to the ambient temperature in the room where I'm about to play. Usually about 10-15 minutes. With that being said, my SongBird is 9 years old now and has no signs of finish checking yet. I'm still treating my SJ TV like a new-born infant, so no chance of any wear or tear on it!!!
  15. Mr. Newhaven- Nice guitar! I've got a "jones" for a Blues King. Those small bodied guitars just beg you play them! I'm green with envy. Enjoy!
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