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  1. OOOOOOOLALALA ebony ones are amazing !!!!but i might get the heritage cherry one . cheers doode
  2. Hey doode thanks for posting the pick i just decide to buy the 2016 model.....
  3. I think you re right .......... Ok im gonna get one ..and lets see how good it will be thnx bro
  4. So I'm planning to get one SG STANDARD 2016 model soon but I've read some articles about these following issues ..... 1.Pickups NOT PARALLEL to the strings or the body .. It's because of the PU are mounted by the big batwing and there are no rings on the pickups... 2.The strings are touching the bridge itself as you trying to lower the string height, some ppl even say they can't lower the strings cause of the buzz sound and the string will touch the pickup that'll make a crap sound and they all say it is basically because of the Gibson quality problem... 3.I saw some comments on the SG 2016 gibson site and review vids on utube .some ppl even say its not worth the money...this just make a hard decision for me to purchase or not.... I do love the batwing pickguard design cause it looks more evil to me ... But there s no store here around my town..i cannot try the model ...So ppl Please help me with it . THANX!!!
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