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  1. it'll break. never pick up a les paul by the neck.
  2. Take some deep breaths my friend. I'm in your corner. If you are certain you want to return the guitar, be prepared for a slow fight. You must be patient, but you are going to win so long as you don't lose your cool. And you have to be direct in your communication that you want to send it back from the start. They are banking on drawing it out past the 30 day return policy. They will try to discount, or placate you in some way before they accept a return, and then the money being refunded will take "4 to five business days" before it is refunded." you have 30 days to return the item. Communicate via writing, but if you are sure you don't want it. Stick to the course. Retailers are bleeding money right now. They are going to look for a multitude of ways to keep from having to give money back. You have nothing to lose here, only they do. I had a situation similar, and the waiting is excruciating, but stay calm. Hold them to the letter on their return policy. Good luck.
  3. How can one go about getting a Les Paul replacement neck? I am convinced it can be done... but I am searching. I seek answers.
  4. been eyeballing the EMG PA2. It says you can use with passive pickups so I was wondering if anyone on this forum has tried it. If so, what were your thoughts?
  5. So I'm confused... the DS-1 quieted your sound? Or the OS-2. My way of dialing it it, is play the amp clean until it naturally begins to show some grit. Engage pedal (in my case OS-2) then switch until they are the same loudness whether pedal is off or on, then kinda tweak the dials until i find my personal golden place. I don't need much, but I like having some punch without running the risk of getting evicted from my apartment. also, this Origin 20 has 3 modes on it. Its surprisingly loud. I feel that I finally earned a good tube amp. I have been playing a tiny Roland Cube for several years! I did a lot of weddings with it etc. I even played a huge hotel ballroom with it. (just ran a cable from the line out into the house DI). But I came across a very lightly used Marshall and for all the great things about it... they really don't tell you that you're gonna need something extra to get those sounds that Marshall is known for.
  6. At the last minute I saw a BOSS OS-2. Second hand, but practically brand spankin new. I think it will work for my needs. I had a DS-1 back in the day, and it was reliable and sturdy. BOSS makes some good stuff. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. gonna go for the TS9. thanks for the input!
  8. So i picked up an origin 20 today. This amp is F'kin loud. That's the easy part. However I am searching for something to give me a nice sweet push into the grit. An overdrive? Not much exposure with pedals as I've always played clean, but I am open to suggestions. Thanks everyone.
  9. did gibson in the 80s or 90s ever make les paul studios with a solid one piece maple top? (not including the Studio Lites) My 'new to me' 1992 LP studio that i acquired to replace my #1 (also from 1992) is a 3 piece top. The only way I knew this, was by looking at the guitar in certain light, I could see a faint seam in an otherwise perfect finish. I never knew or cared that my #1 LP studio was 2 piece/3 piece. Didn't matter. It was a Les Paul ,and from my father, and played like a slice of heaven. Just curious if there might have been a few that were made with a one piece top.
  10. that seemingly endless wait... how do you cope?
  11. Hi Deeman. You have a point. I actually found on a music listing site we all know and love (where I spend way too much time).... another LP Studio and according to the SN the 3rd-5th digits indicate that their 92 studio was made the same day as my #1!! The only thing is, this seller wants about 1000 and its a brown top & black back & sides. Mine is entirely black. Ebony board. It gives me pause. talk to me! POST SCRIPT... the studio made the same day as mine... is only 2 hours away
  12. I'm an Alien from another world.... and if is the best you guys can do, I would like to have a word with the manager.
  13. if you don't need it, consider it an opportunity to jumpstart an idea. i dunno... a down payment on a schweet archtop
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