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  1. I had a "norlin era" Le Paul Custom. back when thE bay was still in its infancy. Magnificent guitar. I still think about it. Was an incredible guitar Serious Axe.
  2. Curious if there is a resource Stew-Mac etc... that can get legit 'low wide' frets. The kind you see on those old jazz boxes. I am quite partial to old school low wide frets. Considering replacing some fretwire on an old Les Paul with that low wide, but I want to be sure that I can get the right stuff. Any information is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  3. i think he uses the florentine. the sharp cutaway? this is a rounded version
  4. Merry Christmas Everybody! Might be going on a guitar safari within a few days. friend of a friend of a friend has a couple Byrdlands. I'm intrigued. A Norlin era, and to be honest, I love the Norlin era frets. and they actually feel good. Anybody here wanna talk about their Byrdland? The experience with the Byrd? I have smaller hands so the small scale is appealing to me. Talk to me about the Byrds!
  5. thank you for the images. those are some amazing guitars. I hope to have one just like that. I was at a guitar show in Dallas ages ago (remember those?) and they actually had air fresheners that had 'old case' scent! thank you for those amazing images!
  6. Leslie West was a hell of a guitar player. An incredible sound, a presence that said "I don't give a **** what you think about me.... I'll kick your ***" Leslie West was rock & roll. Condolences to his family and all who loved the music. 2020 sucks even more now.
  7. Epiphone makes some fine guitars for that price range. If you can envision a max budget of just $100 more and land at $350 you can have a sweet brand new epiphone Dove with some bling. Good luck on your quest.
  8. Link Wray Live at the Paradiso What a great live record. Its a great platter to listen to at a party because the energy is so on point. Anton Fig is on drums too.
  9. that's a fair question. obviously that depends on its condition, how it feels in my hands, how it sounds to my ears, how original, etc. I don't have to have a museum piece, but I don't want to spend thousands for an instrument that has drastic modifications or issues with the structural bracing, neck issues, aftermarket tailpiece and so on.
  10. oh yeah. i've got their number. but I'm a lil ways to go from their prices. but I am getting there. they seem t have the market cornered with their merchandise and reputation. After careful thought when planning this journey, When the time comes to make a decision on what guitar to buy, I was going to buy in person. After playing and deciding on how it feels in my hands. this isn't going to be a catch & release, I plan on finding the guitar of my dreams for keeps.
  11. I've always thought that a 40s L5 is a truly magnificent guitar. Finding one that has been taken care of, has been an adventure. There are several makers that make non cutaway archtops that are infinitely more affordable, that i could buy and not be afraid to play and take out. But there really is something about the big sound that only comes from a well seasoned axe. I've actually been saving for one for the past year. Patiently putting away some cash from every paycheck. I'm making some progress it feels good. What is your dream guitar? How long did you wait to get it?
  12. it'll break. never pick up a les paul by the neck.
  13. Take some deep breaths my friend. I'm in your corner. If you are certain you want to return the guitar, be prepared for a slow fight. You must be patient, but you are going to win so long as you don't lose your cool. And you have to be direct in your communication that you want to send it back from the start. They are banking on drawing it out past the 30 day return policy. They will try to discount, or placate you in some way before they accept a return, and then the money being refunded will take "4 to five business days" before it is refunded." you have 30 days to return the item. Communicate via writing, but if you are sure you don't want it. Stick to the course. Retailers are bleeding money right now. They are going to look for a multitude of ways to keep from having to give money back. You have nothing to lose here, only they do. I had a situation similar, and the waiting is excruciating, but stay calm. Hold them to the letter on their return policy. Good luck.
  14. How can one go about getting a Les Paul replacement neck? I am convinced it can be done... but I am searching. I seek answers.
  15. been eyeballing the EMG PA2. It says you can use with passive pickups so I was wondering if anyone on this forum has tried it. If so, what were your thoughts?
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