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  1. Oh man you should have read up on nitro finishes before throwing that kind of money around if you don't want it to act like a nitrocellulose finished guitar.
  2. Loving the warm welcome for new folks!
  3. Same experience. Boomy guitars but blah tone and uncomfortable to play.
  4. It's a'76....don't get too hung up on a catalog not listing chrome as an option, it's not unusual now or back then for Gibson to make something like this.
  5. Basketcase

    1959 ES-175

    If the electronics are original, sell those to help pay for repairs!
  6. Nice of them to offer a replacement to make it right with you, don't know why you would expect them to send a different spec pickguard however. If you didnt like the pickguard on the guitar that you chose to buy then you should replace it on your own dime. Not a fan of the thickguard either but I am not going to get all bent out of shape, pulled mine off as soon as I got it home. I dont expect Gibson to make an accomodation just for me, though. Best of luck with it.
  7. Very minor differences.The current Standard models were the top of the line reissue models in 2014, no difference. If you can afford to pay a lot more for plastics, glue, and a bit more for labor spent on the finish and finishing touches, go for it! I've owned both, for me it wasnt worth it for the TH so I sold my 2016 TH R8 and kept the 2016 Standard R8. I also have a 2014 R6, wouldn't trade it for a TH version! Good luck with whatever you decide!
  8. Hi folks, Owner of many fine Gibsons over the years, current stable includes my 2011 Hummingbird and 2010 Songwriter Deluxe Standard. The bird is a great strummer but the Songwriter turned into a beast after I removed the huge pickguard (or rather "thickguard" and the heavy Fishman system.
  9. Just picked one of these bad boys up, awesome to find a relatively new type of Gibson feel snd sound that still looks and feels like it should be a vintage design, but surprised they haven't built many of these.
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