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  1. I've had 14 guitars since I started playing. I still have all except for a squire strat I trashed when I moved. 8 Gibsons total in the collection.
  2. These soilders truly were part of the greatest generation. The men and women of that era were the backbone of America and we should all be eternally greatful for their devotion and sacrifice to this great country. The history of these events should never be forgotten.
  3. $15 plus $5 tip in my neck of the woods.
  4. I like the new format. Very sleak!
  5. Damn! That's one good looking guitar. The iced tea finish is darker in your pictures and looks even more amazing. Enjoy that thing!
  6. I'm the same way. Always two off the tee. Maybe a few more on par 3's if there fun.
  7. Do it! These new ones are really nice. Need a forum member to give us some feedback on the new features.
  8. Very nice. Hope this is the one!
  9. I watched all the Agnesi / Gibson videos today. Mark certainly bring's a more realistic players perspective to the guitar descriptions. I know he is new to the Gibson team and likely didn't have a lot to do with 2019 changes but the brass at Gibson would do themselves a favor by asking for Mark's opinion from time to time on what makes these guitars desirable to players. They appear to be headed in the right direction which is good progress. Those 50's LP's look mighty nice!
  10. I've got that same system. I love not having to worry about cables anymore, except of course when I forget to charge them!
  11. Very nicely done. Solo was filled with some tasty licks!
  12. That's awesome. Sounds like you had a good time. Smaller venues with bands that put on great performances is about as good as it gets.
  13. She hit me up. Knew what it was as soon as I saw it and still had to convince myself not to click on it!
  14. I have 3 LP's and a firebird among others and while the forum may recall I believe the Firebird is the sexiest guitar design ever and I do love the guitar I generally get along better with LP's. That said I probably don't play my FB as much as I should but when I do pick it up I always wonder why I don't play it more b/c it's awesome. Now when I grab a LP it just feels like home. There is a reason why it's such a popular model. It feels, plays, sounds,etc. awesome! Until I got my 335 an LP would be my go to guitar. Glad I have both but if I had to pick one or the other...... well I wouldn't. I'd still take both!
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