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  1. I ordered a c-22 a few weeks ago while killing time on amazon. Thought what hell, why not. It was a little wider than I preferred at first but after playing with it I have found it to be very comfortable. Nice thick leather, and overall feels like a quality product.
  2. That's a new one on me. I've always heard "tune up to pitch" as well.
  3. I agree with you on this. Gimme three steps, call me the breeze, etc. are more crowd pleasures. You ever cover the Needle and the Spoon?
  4. This is the ironic part. They are both 50. I'm 34 so you would think it would be the other way around. They are more into 90's rock which should tell you something!!
  5. Absolutely! As a fellow Brad and southerner I couldn't agree more. Plus that song has to have the solo! Thanks man!
  6. Alright fellas, I need help settling an ongoing good natured disagreement I have had with a few co-workers and figured I reach out to some folks I know have good taste in music. The current "disagreement" centers around one of my favorite songs of all time, Simple Man by LS. Two of my co-workers swear the Shinedown version is better (hold your laughter) than the original Skynyrd version. So a little all in good fun / informal poll here, tell me which one you prefer so I can at least have some backup for my next conversation or tuck tail and acknowledge defeat! Thanks guys!
  7. I've had 14 guitars since I started playing. I still have all except for a squire strat I trashed when I moved. 8 Gibsons total in the collection.
  8. These soilders truly were part of the greatest generation. The men and women of that era were the backbone of America and we should all be eternally greatful for their devotion and sacrifice to this great country. The history of these events should never be forgotten.
  9. $15 plus $5 tip in my neck of the woods.
  10. I like the new format. Very sleak!
  11. Damn! That's one good looking guitar. The iced tea finish is darker in your pictures and looks even more amazing. Enjoy that thing!
  12. I'm the same way. Always two off the tee. Maybe a few more on par 3's if there fun.
  13. Do it! These new ones are really nice. Need a forum member to give us some feedback on the new features.
  14. Very nice. Hope this is the one!
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