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  1. Just saw two of the flying v's for sale. One on AMS and one on Reverb. A mere $19,999 each! Maybe I'll buy both! 🤣
  2. I thought the same when I saw the "call for pricing" line in the release. Like they say "if you have to ask you probably can't afford it"! I believe there are plans for runs of these in the USA line later this year. I doubt they'll be korina but even a mahogany version of a proper reissue would be cool (at a more affordable price hopefully).
  3. You and me both. String through body with gold hardware. That's a proper v! Fingers crossed the USA run happens. I know Trogley (the trogley's guitar show on YT) already pre ordered the explorer and v. He wouldn't give out pricing yet since there not officially out but he did say their some of the most expensive new guitars he has ever bought. Upwards of 18k maybe. It will be nice to see a review and demo when he gets them.
  4. I watched the whole thing when it came out. Great watch and I encourage all to give it a scroll. It's nice to see the president of Gibson be so enamored with gibson guitars, the history of the company, as well as preserving and continuing that legacy. Some interesting Easter eggs in the video regarding new models. Trogley has a nice recap video of these but the highlights for me where; Limited edition korina flying v (81 made) and explorer (19 made). These will be way out of my price range but I believe Cesar says the USA shop will have a run as well. Maybe not korina but all the 59 appoi
  5. Beerad12


    That's a beautiful guitar! Enjoy.
  6. No sightings in the Hilton Head area yet.
  7. It looks like it's none of the above. Certainly not Xenephobia. A requirement put in place by Canada to allow canadians to participate in giveaways as apparently random luck contests are illegal in Canada. Ive seen this on trading card boxes before too. Maybe this will come up on Jeopardy one day and we'll all be ready for it!😆 Info below. "The reason we must answer a skill-testing question in order to win in Canada is; sweepstakes are illegal. Yes, I said illegal. Sweepstakes were made illegal to protect Canadians from scams. Companies wanted to use giveaways in their promotions a
  8. Cool model. Great to see a young up and coming artist get a signature guitar. I love ES model guitars but at 7k I'll pass on this one! Ha, as if it was ever a real possibility I could afford one. I wonder what the production run will be on this model. I've read (on reverb listings) only 75 of the Slim Harpo ES-330's were made. Can't confirm with Gibson since they dont release those numbers. These will likely sell out quickly though.
  9. Thanks. It's a nice display stand. I almost like it more than the guitar. Alright, that's not true!
  10. Thanks. Yeah the perspective looks funny from this angle. Once I bought it I thought uh oh, this wont fit in the current stands I have and sweetwater just restocked on the gibson branded stands so I figured why not! Yep, that's a firebird and explorer over there. The explorer while much newer than the v make a nice pair. Both natural finish.
  11. I've been looking for a flying v for some time now and this 2000 limited edition v fit the bill. Plays amazing and looks even cooler. For a 21 year old guitar this thing is clean! Not even a smudge on the gold hardware. That is until I got it. It's been played more in the last few days than it likely did in the previous 20 years.
  12. That is an amazing guitar. If it sounds as good as it looks it must be an inspirational instrument. I bought a 335 a few years ago and I understand why they were called burst killers back in the day. Awesome guitars. Hope you get many years of enjoyment out of that one.
  13. I love Ted and Byrdlands. Well beyond my means to afford one but if I hit the lottery one day I'll be in the market for one or three of em'. When in doubt I whip it out, got me a rock n roll band! It's a free for all!
  14. Nice find! Thats a real beauty. I scored the Memphis 335 in the same 70's walnut finish a few years ago and absolutely love it (I think i posted a pic on here). Didn't realize they also did a 339. Enjoy playing it.
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