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  1. What kind of strings gauge comes with the Fying V's from the factory? I think it's probably .010 & .046, but Im not 100% sure.
  2. Thank you so much Capmaster. If this does not affect the functionality of the guitar I'm not gonna worry too much for now. But is nice to know that this can be solved if the guitar stops looking apealling to me.
  3. I just noticed more cracks in the bridge and one really close to the neck. This is great...
  4. I just didn't expect my guitar to have a lot bunch of cracks in less than a year.
  5. Thanks. We are at night here now and with my S6 phone and the light of my home I can't manage to make a clear photo of the cracks. The guitar is from 2014, but I boughted a year ago. If this will never ever affect the playability and if it doesnt get too ugly (in my case right now is only noticeable if you get really close), I suposse I can live with it, but I found it funny than an almost 3000 bucks guitar is now less flawless than a more older guitar from another brand that cost me only 500. What can I do to prevent more checking to happen? buy and humidifier?
  6. Hola, Hace poco mas de un año compre una Gibson Flying V 67 Custom Shop a traves de una tienda de Sabadell. Cuando la recibi estaba tan contento que la verdad no le preste mucha atencion a los acabados, pero a los pocos dias me percate que tenia un par de resquebrajamientos por detras que nacian justo en el tornillo que unia el mastil al cuerpo. Me jodio bastante, pero al final pense que podria vivir con ello. Durante este año no he tenido mucho tiempo de tocar la guitarra (menos de 5 horas a lo largo del año seguro) y siempre la he tenido en su funda, pero hoy he ido a cogerla y me he percatado que esas mismas rayaduras ahora estaban por muchos mas sitios, con lo cual obviamente me he preocupado muchisimo. Que garantia tiene Gibson al respecto? Que deberia hacer
  7. Hi, Im from Barcelona and a year ago bought an astonishing Gibson Fyling V 67 Custom Shop. The guitar plays awesome, but the first days I noticed a line/crack in the area of the screw that unites the body and the neck. I was really excited about the guitar and thought it was not a big deal if it had some small ding. A year has passed and sadly I did not have that much time to play it (acounting all year Im sure it was less than 5 hours), so the guitar was basically always in the wonderful custom case. But moments ago I picked id up and realized in horror that it has those same cracks in a lot of other places and Im freaking out a bit. Its the guitar going to fall in pieces? Its going to look like the face of an old man with lines and cracks everywhere or what? Right now im obviously really sad so I want to know how the warranty of Gibson works in this type of problems.
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