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  1. It doesn't look like the parker fly has a fixed bridge... Also, I have no idea where to buy or try one of those. Edit: I'm going to the local guitar shop to try some guitars out. I'm definitely gonna play some SGs...We'll see how it goes.
  2. Wow, I would be VERY interested in a double cut with the neck like that, with probably some different pickups; though they don't seem easy to come by. I'll have to check some out. I'm still very open to suggestions.
  3. I might be interested in the Studio HP... I'll go see if any of my local shops have any in stock. The double cutaway doesn't seem like it's got even as much access as the HP models? It's got more space for your thumb which I guess might help..
  4. I totally agree with you. I just like how much more volume and tone I can get out of thicker strings, and I can play them much harder than lighter strings. I don't really have any problem bending strings anywhere on the neck except up where I can't position my hand properly to get a grip, it's not about the tension on the string, it's that the wood on the guitar makes me turn my hand to bend those notes.
  5. HP Line? That actually looks like it might be what I'm looking for, but I'm only seeing them for $3000+... At that price point I'd just get a guitar custom made. .12s and my ring finger. No, I don't want to use lighter strings, that's why I'm looking for a guitar that has the cutaway so I can use the heavy strings but still get a grip on the 22nd fret.
  6. Those are '57 classic pickups: http://store.gibson.com/57-classic-pickup/
  7. I haven't mentioned the neck because I'm not too picky about the neck. I actually really like the neck on my 05 LP Studio, but I don't require that. My price range is probably up to $1500. I'd go over that if I REALLY like the guitar though. Two things that I'd like to specify, the deep cutaway is paramount, and I don't know if Gibson makes a guitar with a cutaway as deep as I'd like, so I'm open to all brands here.
  8. Hey guys, I've kind of thrown together some specs that I'd really like to have on a guitar, but have been unable to find something close to it that's readily available. I'm wondering if you guys can help me find something that matches these requirements! Wood in body & neck: No preference, something lighter would be preferable Frets: 22 Cutaway: I don't care if it's 1 or 2 cutaways, but I NEED the super deep cutaway to be able to properly play the highest frets. On my les paul I have trouble getting a strong bend on my 22nd fret Pickups: Nothing specific, just some medium-high output humbuckers. I'm open to ideas. I like the pickups in my 05 LP Studio Bridge: nothing specific, anything of decent quality with a hard tail. Body: I want something with a contoured body to fit my beer belly. I'm kinda tired of the hard edges on my LP. Something closer to a fender strat in contours maybe. Other: Final demand, I have to be able to play it before I buy it. And that's really it! The hardest part for me is finding something of quality that has both the super deep cutaway, and a hardtail bridge. The closest thing I've found is the Ibanez JS1600 (the Joe Satriani custom) but they're kind of hard to get a hold of. Some of the Ibanez Prestige S series stuff fits this description pretty well, but I'm not entirely sold on those because I'm not a huge fan of the neck and the sound of the pickups. I play in a band that does mostly modern country and classic rock covers, so I need to be able to go completely clean and sound warm and rich, and also cut through some heavy gain for those Journey solos haha.
  9. I'll try testing it out with a capo on and see how it goes. I've got like 4 different capos from different brands so I'll try multiples. As an aside, I just played a 4 hour bar show using just my les paul this weekend, with .12s on it and it was perfect. My fingers only hurt a little bit in the last set and I had no tuning/pitch issues. I was even able to rock the Enter Sandman solo and all of its bends for our last song with the .12s ;)
  10. Aside from obvious answers like, play naked, or don't wear a belt buckle with barbed wire, you could actually try throwing an extra layer of clear coat on the back? It'll definitely be shinier, but it'll also protect it from scratches.
  11. I don't know how common it is for a guitar to be this rough on the pressure thing. I've got other guitars with jumbo frets and don't have this problem. I haven't gotten around to putting bigger strings on yet, but I'll let you guys know how it goes. I play 10's on my 2014 American Deluxe Strat as my main axe right now and I don't have this issue, but the frets are definitely not as big.
  12. Lots of great ideas here guys. I had the idea to play heavier strings, but some people said lighter strings... I feel like if I were training myself to play softer, I should get lighter strings, but when I actually play live or jam with the band that maybe I should play the heavier strings then? It's weird, I always practiced with 11's or 12's because I tried to make my hands stronger so that bends on 10's are like butter. I'm a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan and he always used 13's (I know he usually tuned down 1/2 step too.) and I liked the sound of the thicker strings. Maybe I just trained my hands too much haha. I can't really even play 9's, I can barely even feel the strings below my callouses.
  13. The only thing I didn't find on here was a general gear section. You guys are pretty active, and so I was gonna ask about tips on my effects loop, etc. but I didn't really see a spot for that other than in general, or is this not the right forum for that? (considering it's a Gibson forum.)
  14. Yesterday I was jamming while trying to press down softer and was getting a MUCH better pitch accurate sound. I almost never fret to the wood, only if I'm doing an odd bend and that's the only way I can get a good grip (and in that case I'm bending the string into the proper pitch anyway.) The Les Paul was my first "good" guitar, so I actually played it a lot early on, but I never realized I was fretting too hard. I guess my hands are stronger than I thought. I'm thinking I should move from 10's to 11's (and maybe 12's) because in theory, I should have to press down harder to change the pitch. I also don't really have a problem doing big bends with 11's. I did play around with my other guitars and noticed that I COULD make them bend out of tune, but like other people said, the distance from fret to wood is smaller on those, and so I can't get as far out of tune. It happens on all of the strings, really. The G more than any of the other ones. I'm going to try moving up to 11's, I don't really have a problem bending those. Also, that technique sounds interesting, kinda like patting your head and rubbing your stomach lol. I'll definitely try that. I think with thicker strings and attempting to play with a lighter touch will help a lot, but I'll also try to take it to a good luthier. He/She can probably help me check to make sure everything is set up properly and like you said, dispel any concerns I have about the guitar. As a final note: You guys rule, this forum rules, I will probably stick around if you don't mind my heavy handed typing clogging up your forum posts ;)
  15. Well, I figured out what the problem was. A few of you knew exactly what the issue was right away. I didn't even realize until I played it, but I AM pushing the strings too hard! But... I'm still a little suspicious that something is up because I wasn't lying when I said that other people have the same issue when they play this guitar. I tested how much the pitch changes when I press the string all the way down, and if I press it to the wood I can get more than 1/4 bend in most places, on the 3rd string second fret I can even get a whole 1/2 step bend! This can't be normal, right? I have to touch the 3rd string so crazy lightly to get the proper pitch. Am I just incompetent at guitar? Lol. I've got plenty of other guitars and never have this issue with them.
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