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  1. Love Neil Young . Learning many of Neil's songs have kept me and my guitar busy for decades but Cortez the Killer is by far my favorite .
  2. Thanks everyone! It feels like Christmas every time I open the case :)
  3. Congrats on your new Les Paul. That's a great Christmas present! Enjoy it & post a pic when you can .
  4. I'm in . 2013 Studio Deluxe II 60s neck Flame top in Honey Burst. First new Les Paul for me in 37 years . It was due :)
  5. Just got her today . She sounds as good as she looks & plays like a dream
  6. PandaRocket, The wildcat plays great ! After a new set of Super Slinky Cobalts & a set up to lower the action it's just what I hoped it would be .
  7. Greetings ! New Old guy here . Thought I would start out right with a Picture of my Wildkat Studio .
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