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  1. Not sure about the issues, but seen what happened to my Sonar, I can only guess. Hope to see updates and a possibility to get DD. Note: maybe Magix could help with the issues?
  2. Now the download/application is not available on Steam anymore, but I would like to use the promised VST support and Mac version. However this was NEVER added to the Steam version due to some issues with the installation. Can we now get actual keys for Deckadance to get what we were promised? Take note, your buy option links to the Cakewalk announcement: > http://store.cakewalk.com/store/cakewalk/pd/productID.5111690400
  3. Hi, I just bought Deckadance 2 on Steam (Steam Online edition 2.61). When using, I noticed it does not register a VST plugin... and when looking at the local content folder, I also noticed deckadance2.dll was missing. I would really like this functionality... regards, Gerard
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