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  1. So in my Marshall experience, they've been tinny. I used to use a Mesa boogie V-Twin pedal in the effects loop or in front of the amp and kept it static. I never stepped on it, I just dialed in a good tone on the dirty channel of the pedal and use any other pedals or just crank it raw. But if the tone sounds tinny, I will keep the highs around 6 as well as the mids and put bass up around 8 and a half. But if you can use a pedal to color it, even better.
  2. Learning to improvise is a process that takes time. It's frustrating but VERY rewarding. First thing I THINK you should work on, is: Take a simple phrase and repeat it till it's fluid. Then take that same phrase and rephrase it the way you would in normal English. For example: How you doin? How YOU doin? How you DOIN? HOW you doin? HOW THE **** ARE YOU DOIN?!?! Play, within the phrasing, with your different vibrato techniques. If you don't have that under your belt, work on that as well. But approach phrasing like speaking. Look at the scale as a means to speak. The goal is not
  3. Marty Schwartz Amazing teacher for all levels. Best I've seen. And funny.
  4. 57 classics or classic plus'es Also get some 500k pots. Makes a big difference.
  5. Just ordered one today from Zzounds. Can't wait. I've read nothing but good reviews and seen nothing but complimentary videos on YouTube.
  6. My theory is: lots of parts for the signature run. Signature run, complete. Still have parts. You there... use those parts till they're gone. And I have some Frankenstein variant of a sheraton II with a JLH sticker that plays like an elitist.
  7. I have no doubt that my Sheraton II is a Korean made sheraton from 2001. I'm not hoping that I have some strange and valuable rarity. I'm just trying to find out why the inside sticker has jl hooker and a separate serial number listed. It's perplexing. I have the vintage sunburst finish on mine and I love this guitar. I own a wide variety of guitars: Gibson Les Pauls, American strat... I have a good collection of nice guitars, but my sheraton is my 1 guitar that if my house was on fire, I'd grab.
  8. Matt, yes - the sticker on the inside is in pencil. The serial number on the headstock shows Sammick march of 2001. I'll try to get some pics up soon.
  9. If I could post pics I would. I'm guessing since I just registered, I have to have a certain amount of posts in order to do so. It's the vintage Sunburst (black and deep red) with a Gibson truss rod cover.
  10. Ok - I've owned and played my Sheraton since about 2009. According to the serial number, it was made at the Samick factory in 2001, March. According to the sticker on the inside of the body, in pencil is written "II", after the printed word "Sheraton" and to the left, "JL Hooker"... for the blank next to "serial number" it says 421/1750" - but that's not the serial number on the back of the headstock. This is NOT a John Lee Hooker signature model. I understand that the official hooker signatures had boogieman, John lee hooker somewhere on the truss rod cover and 12th fret, AS WELL as the
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