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  1. So I took a gamble and purchased a J-45TV online, sight unseen. Good lord I'm glad I did. This thing is without doubt the best guitar I've ever played and hasn't even been played in yet. Anyway here's some guitar porn for you lot: http://imgur.com/o7OFiya http://imgur.com/vmFSLRR http://imgur.com/zIj2HyM http://imgur.com/oNtHoG8 the only issue I have is that the tuners are absolute garbage, does anyone have any recommendations for replacements? Thanks!
  2. Anyone have any experience with this guitar? It's got my interest at the moment. What did you think. I used to have an old L-1 so I know something about them. The Blues Tribute seems to sound different than the others.
  3. Anyone have recommendations for a cheaper alternative to gibson hummingbird BUT still sound good? I've struggled to find a true vintage one so just looking for alternative as have not read good things about hummingbird pro. I am just a strummer and only sing/play in solo situation so looking to get guitar that 'surrounds' me and is good for vocal accompaniment. Know the epiphone version exists but will only consider if any gibson owners think it actually works like a hummingbird, not just look like one. Any Eastman, recording king, blueridge alternatives maybe?
  4. I don't know why, it just bugs me, the joint in the base of the neck where the two pieces meet, the obvious different grains..... Is it just me? I have a couple of guitars that have it, and one of them I play everyday. I just don't look at the neck heel.
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